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Diamond Engagement Rings

Houston Jewelry offers a finely curated selection of high quality Diamond Engagement Rings and Bridal Sets

There is simply no way to go wrong with a diamond engagement ring. WhenNot only are diamonds classically beautiful, they exude a natural beauty that accurately represents the bond of true love and appreciation. This highly sought-after gemstone can be mounted in your perfect ring style and is durable enough to last forever. Ask our jewelry experts about our variety of diamond engagement rings, and make your engagement unforgettable with a timeless piece from Houston Jewelry!

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo settings have taken over as one of the most popular styles in recent years. Originally popular in the 1900s, halo designs offer a timeless, vintage style with smaller diamonds encasing and complimenting a larger center stone.

Halo rings are a perfect way to maximize carat weight and enhance the size and shape of the main diamond.

Classic Solitaires with a Twist

Solitaire settings have always been and will always be a classic, sophisticated style. In recent years, designers have been adding modern twists to the traditional style. Solitaire rings with twisted or asymmetrical bands offer the classic simplicity of a solitaire engagement ring with a fresh, timeless touch.

Open Shank Engagement Rings

Similar to the concept of a twisted solitaire, designers have become more creative with engagement ring bands to feature a unique platform for the main diamond. The band features two rows of diamonds that wrap around to the center stone.

The split band is flattering, feminine and delicate while offering more intricacy than a plain or twisted band. This style has become increasingly popular in celebrity engagement rings. <

Cluster Engagement Rings

Cluster style rings gather an assortment of smaller diamonds into one unit to maximize the sparkle and glamour while staying close to your budget. Cluster engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular for couples looking to splurge more on the wedding and honeymoon rather than on the ring.

Let's face it, most of us have heard you should spend 3 months salary on an engagement ring. What no one tells you is how many styles of settings, cuts of diamonds, and quality of diamonds combinations there are. The engagement ring is one of the hardest rings to shop for considering ultimatley you want it to be a suprise when you pop the question. It's not like you can just ask hey what style of engagement ring do you want? While in all our yars in business we have seen some pretty crafty ways to try to get an idea of what your special someone wants nothing beats an experianced jewelry specialist. So don't worry, you are not all on your own. Thats were we come in. When it comes to engagement rings, Houston Jewelry and Fine Gifts is dedicated to finding your perfect ring with a beauty that will last for decades. Our collection consists of a vast number of styles including vintage pieces and colored stones. Whether you are looking for a simple diamond solitaire, a princess cut engagement ring, or an exquisite diamond halo ring, we have the perfect ring for you. We specialize in the latest fine jewelry designs that are both in line with the current trends as well as the best in timeless classic styles. We stock a large selection of diamond semi-mounts as well as a large selection of G.I.A. certified laser inscribed loose diamonds for you to create your engagement ring. Learn more about some of the most prominent engagement ring trends of 2016.

Regardless of your style and budget, Houston Jewelry and Fine Gifts can help find the perfect engagement ring to embody the timeless beauty of your marriage. Visit our store today and let one of our diamond experts assist you with choosing the perfect diamond and setting to make your own unique engagement ring.

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