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Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

The Best Engagement Rings in Houston

So the time has come to buy a diamond engagement ring. Let's face it, most of us have heard you should spend 3 months salary on an engagement ring. What no one tells you is how many styles of settings, cuts of diamonds, and quality of diamonds combinations there are. Diamond engagement rings are one of the hardest rings to shop for, considering ultimatley you want it to be a suprise when you pop the question. It's not like you can just ask hey what style of weddihng ring do you want? During the hundred plus years we have been in business we have seen some pretty crafty ways to try to get an idea of what your special someone wants, however nothing beats an experienced jewelry specialist. So don't worry, you are not alone. Thats were we come in. When it comes to engagement rings, Houston Jewelry and Fine Gifts is dedicated to finding your perfect ring with a beauty that will last for decades. Our collection consists of a vast number of styles including vintage enagement rings, rose gold engagement rings, princess cut engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings and many many more. Whether you are looking for a simple diamond solitaire or an exquisite diamond halo ring, we have the perfect ring for you. We specialize in the latest fine jewelry designs that are both in line with the current trends as well as the best in timeless classic styles. We stock a large selection of diamond semi-mounts as well as a large selection of G.I.A. certified laser inscribed loose diamonds for you to create your engagement ring. Learn more about some of the most prominent engagement ring trends of 2017. Buying an engagement ring is actually a two step process. You not only have to pick out the mounting you have to choose a diamond as well. Even then there is another factor....price. No matter how much you like a diamond or a mounting you have to stay in your budget. Let our trained professionals help you stay in your budget. We know what you can sacrifice to stay in budget. Sometimes it's a slightly lower color, sometimes it is clarity, sometimes its the cut. It really depends on the mounting you choose to where you cut the corners to stay in budget. A halo mounting you dont want to sacrifice color but you can sacrifice a little clarity especially if the inclusions are close to the outside of the stone because the halo setting will hide them. If you get a setting with a yellow basket you can sacrifice a lot of color since if you put a more yellow colored stone in it is gives it the look for a fancy yellow diamond. And these are just 2 examples. We know all the tricks to keep you in budget. Stop in today and let us find you the perfect engagement ring at the perfect price. Regardless of your style and budget, Houston Jewelry and Fine Gifts can help find the perfect engagement ring to embody the timeless beauty of your marriage. Visit our store today and let one of our diamond experts assist you with choosing the perfect diamond and setting to make your own unique design. Please click here for information on financing your engagement ring.

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