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Diamond Engagement Rings and Bridal Sets

Houston Jewelry has a huge selection of Diamond Engagement Rings and Bridal Sets in todays hottest trends, and the top designers in the world.

There is simply no way to go wrong with a diamond engagement ring. Let one of our jewelry experts help you select from one of our certified loose diamonds then accent it with the perfect setting. Whether you prefer platinum, yellow gold, or white gold we are sure to have a bridal set that is perfect for you. We will set the diamond in your new engagement ring and size it in house the same day by one of our master jewelers. We also have one of the largest selctions of Wedding Bands anywhere. Let's face it, most of us have heard you should spend 3 months salary on an engagement ring. What no one tells you is how many styles of settings, cuts & quality of diamonds there are to choose from. The engagement ring is one of the hardest rings to shop for considering ultimatley you want it to be a suprise when you pop the question. It's not like you can just ask "hey what style of engagement ring do you want?". Not only are diamonds classically beautiful, they exude a natural beauty that accurately the bond of true love and appreciation. So when you decide to start looking for an engagement ring, you want to make sure it is perfect. When it comes to your engagement and wedding, let the trained professionals at Houston Jewelry help your every step of the way.

Asking your special someone to spend the rest of their live with you is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. While we can not help you to make sure you have picked the right person, we can make sure you pick the right engagement ring. The last thing you want to do is to pick a style that your significant other will not like. Personal taste is one of the harder things for some people to pick up on. Each person has preferences of styles and quality they want. While you may not always get it right, Houston Jewelry is here to help you make the most informed decision when making this important purchase. With the hundreds of styles from todays top designers in stock, Houston Jewelry will always have the style you are looking for.

Have you ever wondered why a wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. Because that finger contains a vein with a direct connection to the heart. While this may be symbolic it has been a tradition for hundreds of years and doubtful to ever change. Why should it?

While in all our 60+ years in business we have seen some pretty crafty ways to try to get an idea of what your special someone wants but nothing beats an experienced jewelry specialist. So don't worry, you are not all on your own. Thats were we come in. Houston Jewelry and Fine Gifts is dedicated to finding your perfect engagement ring with a beauty an style that will last forever. Our collection consists of a vast number of styles including vintage pieces, solitaires, new modern trends, timeless classics, with diamonds or even colored stones. Whether you are looking for a simple diamond solitaire, a princess cut diamonds ring, or an exquisite diamond halo ring, we have the perfect ring for you. We specialize in the latest fine jewelry designs that are both in line with the current trends as well as the best in timeless classic styles. We stock a large selection of diamond semi-mounts and bridal sets as well as a large selection of G.I.A. certified laser inscribed loose diamonds for you to create your perfect ring. We even offer a diamond trade in policy. If later on you would like to upgrade her diamond we will offer your orginal purchase towards your next purchase of a larger diamond. Some restrictions apply. Please speak to your salesperson for full details on this policy.

So what makes the perfect ring? It is a combination of finding a setting that best accents your personal style accompanied by an amazing diamond or even a colored stone. You will already have enough butterflies when you go to ask for her hand the last thing you want to worry about is the ring. With over 60 years in business, you never have to worry about a ring from Houston Jewelry.

Is there a style you had in mind but can't find it anywhere? Don't worry we can create a custom design by one of our master jewelers. All work is done in house and you can see your custom design during each step of the design process. You are in full control of your design from beginning to end. You simply tell us what quality of stones you want, how many carats and the metal and setting design and let our jewelers take care of the rest. The beauty of a custom design is you have full control of every single aspect of the design. If you want a truely unique ring a custom design may be your best option.

Regardless of your style and budget, Houston Jewelry and Fine Gifts can help find the perfect ring engagement to embody the timeless beauty of your marriage. Visit our store today and let one of our diamond experts assist you with choosing the perfect diamond and setting to make your own unique ring. Please click here for information on financing.

We have tools to help educate you on our Loose Diamonds here. There are tons of factors to consider with the purchase of diamond. Cut, color, clairity and carat weight all are contributing factors into the cost. We would like to help you understand each factor before you make a purchase. Everyone wants a flawless diamond but lets be honest we can not all afford them. Sometimes sacraficing one characteristic can save you thousands of dollars while not truly affecting the beauty of the diamond. The best customer is an informed customer. Thats what are skilled professionals are here to do. We can help you choose the best quality in your current budget. Don't forget you can always upgrade on an anniversary, birthday or christmas with our lifetime trade-in policy.

While most people only buy one enagagement ring in a lifetime there are some circumstances that may warrant an additional purchase. Renewing the wedding vows is one. A love that is so strong you want to marry them all over again. When asking that special someone to marry you all over again why not do it with a new incredible engagement ring. A milestone anniversary is another instance. After you hit that 25 to 50 year mark you may want to give her a new ring. This one is always the worst. The lost ring. While every women covets her bridal set this does happen. When it does be sure that Houston Jewelry is here for you.

Houston Jewelry is not just here for your purchase. We have master jewelers on site to help maintain your jewelry to make sure it lasts for a lifetime. We also stand behind every piece we sell. If ever there is a problem while your item is under warranty just bring it in and our jewelers will make it good as new. All work is done on site. We never send anything out of our store unless it goes to the orginal manufactuer. Every item repaired in store is quality controlled by multiple associates to ensure nothing has been overlooked. If we ever have to work on your item we want to make sure it is fixed right, the first time.

We have discussed on this page about the choice of designers to choose from. In over 60 years in business we have developed some close working relationships with our vendors to become one of Houston's top jewelry stores. You don't last for over 60 years selling sub-par jewelry. We only want you to have the best of the best. That's why every piece of jewelry in our store has been hand picked based on style and quality. You must be wondering " So who are these designers you keep talking about?" We have items from Coast Diamonds , Dove's Jewelry , The Nava Dee Collection from A.O.D., and Sethi Couture just to name a few. For more information on our vendors please visit our partners page here.

This is all a lot of information to take in and can be extemely overwhelming. Let our jewelry professionals help you to make the most informed decision for your purchase. With 60+ years of experiance under our belts we are confident we can help you with making the most informed decision when making a purchase. Our trained professionals will listen to exactly what it is your are looking for and assist you in finding the best possible match for your unique style.

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