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When you shop at small businesses, you not only support our local economy but also promote thriving communities across the country. In fact, for every dollar you spend when you Shop Small, approximately 67 cents stays in the local community.* That’s something we can all get behind. 

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*The statistic cited is an estimate based on calculations using data on small businesses with under 100 employees from the U.S. Small Business Administration, as reported in the 2018 Small Business Economic Impact Study conducted by Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) on behalf of American Express.

Houston Jewelry October 2020 E-Newsletter

Phenomenal Gemstones

Magnificent Moonstone

Moonstone is a variety of feldspar minerals, the most widespread mineral in the earth’s crust. When these minerals combine and cool, they separate into alternating layers. When light falls between the layers, rolling across the gem’s surface and scattering in all directions, it produces the phenomenon called adularescence, the desirable, cool, soft shimmer and warm, glowing, mystical appearance of magnificent moonstone. 

18K rose gold, cachabon ring with 11.40 ct total weight moonstone and 0.36 ct total weight if diamonds: Price on Request

Feldspar minerals create body colors ranging from colorless to gray, brown, yellow, green, or pink, and the adularescence is usually a white to a silvery sheen. Rarely, colorless specimens of feldspar will produce a spectacular blue adularescence. This phenomenon is often called “blue flash” or “blue sheen” adularescence. These specimens are rare and extremely desirable. 

14k white fold pendant with 21.15 ct total weight moonstone and 0.23 ct total weight of diamonds: Price on Request

An even rarer occurrence is when moonstone exhibits a spectrum of iridescent colors, known as rainbow moonstone. This phenomenon occurs when white light is separated into its spectral colors while passing through the stone. 

18K yellow gold, little bird ring with oval cabochon cut rainbow moonstone and diamonds: Price on Request

Moonstone’s delicate beauty and its long-established legacy make it perhaps the most familiar gem-quality member of the feldspar group. One of Mother Nature’s treasures, moonstones like to be looked at, are admired for their sensual play of light and mystery, making them an ideal gemstone for jewelry with feminine aura. 

Sterling Silver earrings with black spinel, ruby, lapis, moonstone: Price on Request


Turn your old, worn out, outdated gold jewelry into CASH. 

Now, take a look in the bottom of your jewelry box to find those single earrings, broken and dented chains, or the class ring you haven’t worn in years. Then turn all of it into cash.

Houston Jewelry will buy all of your unwanted gold and silver jewelry, regardless of what shape it’s in. We offer the best possible price at the time of transaction and will provide CASH on the spot. 

Visit Houston Jewelry today to see just how much your old gold is worth!

September 2020 News & Views

Seasonal Trends

Record High Gold Prices have people rushing in to sell their old gold & silver items to Houston’s award winning gold buyer, multi year BBB award winner, Houston Jewelry!

We Pay More for Gold!

The Fine Art of Ring Stacking

Today’s popular fashion trend is the wearing of numerous rings at once. Whether all on one finger, one hand, or on multiple fingers and both hands, there are no rules to ring stacking. Simply start with a focal piece and move outward. 

What is it you want to highlight? Possibly your favorite all-time go-to ring, a wedding, engagement, class, or birthstone ring. They’re your fingers; only you can decorate them to suit your personality and style. 

A modest approach. Start with your ring finger and add a second to your middle-finger. If you’re comfortable with the look, duplicate it on your other hand. Try mixing and matching a statement piece with a delicate design. If you’re using rings of the same size, highlight the middle finger by building a stack of two or three designs. 

Feel bold? Use the triangle method to balance your look. Since it is usually the longest, use your middle finger as the focal point, add a delicate ring to the top joint. Place another to the bottom joint of your ring finger and a third to the bottom joint of your index finger. For the more, the merrier look, add an inverted triangle to your other hand. 

Feel free to express yourself by experimenting with new shapes, widths, colored metals, and textures, plain or embellished with gemstones or diamonds. 

Did You Know?

Rings can harbor bacteria, although if washing your hands thoroughly and frequently with warm water and a non-abrasive soap, it shouldn’t be a problem. The CDC recommends using a hand sanitizer with a 60% alcohol-base, which is not harmful to jewelry. However, stay away from non-alcohol sanitizers as they typically use chlorine-based compounds which can be harmful and NEVER use ANY hand sanitizer on pearl jewelry! Confused? Be safe and bring your rings to us for a thorough cleaning. 

September Birthstone


Second only to diamonds in hardness, sapphires are ideal for daily use and make beautiful additions to engagement rings. Sapphires are thought to ward off disease, bring peace and happiness, and have long been given as a token of love and loyalty.  

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Marvelous Morganite

It is the blend of pink and orange, typical in natural morganite, that makes it truly a peach of a gem. While this transparent, feminine, pastel colored gem is relatively a newcomer to gemstone jewelry, it is making a powerful statement in the world of jewelry fashion. 

Despite its delicate appearance, morganite is a durable gemstone, making it perfect for everyday wear and a great alternative to diamond when it comes to engagement rings. Morganite, while more affordable than diamond, has a high degree of brilliance like diamond, so no need to worry about sacrificing on sparkle.

This perfect pink gem is stunning when set in white or pink gold, making a dazzling addition to any jewelry wardrobe. Like emerald and aquamarine, morganite is part of the beryl mineral family. However, unlike emeralds, which tend to have a lot of inclusions, morganite gemstones are relatively free of inclusions, making them more eye-appealing and easier to care for. As an everyday gemstone, you will need to treat it with care. Heat exposure is not recommended and as with any fine gemstone, do not wear while using any type of household cleaner. 

Fun fact about morganite:

When a large quantity was discovered in the early 1900s by Tiffany’s chief gemologist, George Kunz (who also happened to be the personal gemologist of millionaire, bank tycoon, and avid gem collector, J.P. Morgan) Kunz named the gemstone in his honor. 


Love, Anniversaries, and “Just Because”

Call, text or email and we will help you out!

The Best Gold Buyer in Houston!

El comprador de oro número uno de Houston!

Looking for a gold buyer in Houston? Don’t want to deal with a fly by night gold buyer that will low ball you only to be gone in six months. Deal with a company that has been a Houston Landmark for nearly 70 years. Houston Jewelry will purchase all your gold items for a fair and honest amount. Let’s face it, every woman has a few jewelry items they never wear anymore. The item may be out of style, it may be broken or it may just be attached to bad memories. The B.B.B. suggest when looking for a gold buyer in Houston to look for a long established company with a good reputation with the public. Well look no further, Houston Jewelry is the best choice as a Gold Buyer in Houston. A trusted jeweler like Houston Jewelry is one of the best and most practical ways to achieve the highest value for your unwanted gold items. Have an old broken gold chain? We will buy it! Lose a beloved earring and now only have one? We will buy it! Have an old ring that is way out of style? We will buy that! Have a wedding bandor engagement ring from a horrible past marriage? We know you don’t want that!! Do you have old dental gold? We will buy it!! If it is gold we will buy it! Have old silver flatware or silver plated flatware? We know none of your kids want it there is not an app to clean it. We will even buy that! Not only do you receive a immediate payement, we have the oppritunity to turn those old unwanted pieces of jewelry into stunning new designs while reducing the impact on the enviorment by reduceing the need to mine new gold, diamonds and gemstones.

As one of the top gold buyers in the Houston area, we do our best to take the upmost care of each and every customer as well as each and every piece of precious jewelry that we buy. We take pride in providing a fiar market value for your gold and precious metals while maintaining a strong relationship with our clients.

Houston Jewelry is the Best in Gold Buying!

Channel 2, 11, & 26 News have ALL found that Houston Jewelry pays the most, and have all pointed out that a FINE JEWELRY STORE is often the BEST place to sell your gold and diamonds!

We Accept It All!

We’re happy to a no obligation quote for any piece of old gold, silver, and platinum using our state of the art, non-evasive precious metal analyzer . Houston Jewelry is one of the only precious metals buyers to use Thermo Scientific Niton XRF to accurately assay every piece of precious metal, and not rely on the highly subjective, and often inaccurate acid testing methods. Once we have determined and verified the quality of your items, we’ll determine the fairest price for you based on the current spot price of precious metals. In addition, if you trade in your old diamonds & precious metals toward new fine jewelry, you’ll get up to 50% MORE than our already-market-leading cash price! You won’t find a better deal at any other gold buyer in Houston, TX.

Please rememeber, Houston Jewelry accepts more than just fine jewelry in good condition. We also accept broken jewelry, dental gold, watches and collector’s items like coins. Bring in any of your old gold items for evaluation by our professional precious metal buyers.

We are Houston’s Most Trusted Jeweler for a Reason!

We are the only gold buyer in Houston to:

  • Win the BBB Award for Excellence multiple times
  • To have an in house state of the art XRF assay lab
  • Simultaneous analysis of all precious metals
  • All of our scales are inspected and registered by the Texas Department of Agriculture
  • Fast, easy, and accurate karat sorting; results in less than 5 seconds
  • Faster, more comprehensive than fire assay with comparable accuracy

Our Process:

First we make an image of all the items you give us to analyze. Why do we do this. We want to assure our customers that we are giving them the price for every item they brought in. We feel this is a great piece of mind for our customers as well as avoiding any mistakes.Second we will analyze all your precious metals using our state of the art analytical equicpment which include: xray spectrometer, and specific gravity scale, electronic resitance testing, and lastly traditional acid testing if needed. This is much more accurate than just acid tests.Third we will weigh your jewelry on our Texas Department of Agriculture registered scales. All of this is done right in front of you. Nothing is taken out of eye shot from our customers. We will always make you the highest and most competitive offer we possibly can. No games! Just the best offer period!Once we have all the weights and types of precious metals you have, we will calculate the price based on the current New York spot price. We will also tell you how much we are currently paying in store. We do not make offers over the phone due to how many factors go into calculating the price we do not want to give you an inaccurate price EVER!Once we have calculated the total for you we will make you an offer. We always suggest for you to shop around before making a sale. Although we do pay more, we want you to be comfortable with the offer we make. Af ter all the offer is good for the entire day. You can always shop around and come back and we will honor the quotewe gave you.The only part left is for you to decide wether or not you would like to accept our offer. You are never under any obligation to accept an offer. If you do decide to sell we will issue a check for your items in a timely manner. We know you have other things to do.

Trade it in!

We offer 150% of the cash value when you trade in your old gold & broken jewelry towards the purchase new fine jewelry. No one else offers this. So if you have old dated jewelry you just wont wear anymore, why not trade it in for something fresh and fashionable.

Houston Precious Metals Dealers Lic #46590
Texas Precious Metals Registration Number 100308

Accredied by the Better Business Bureau
World's Top Jewelers
America's Best Jewelers

Santa’s Diamond Notebook

Dazzling Diamond Choices

When purchasing a diamond for a loved one or for yourself, the enormous amount of information to sort through can be quite overwhelming. Keep calm, we’re here to help you make a confident and educated decision. 

First, for whom are you buying this spectacular piece of diamond jewelry? Will this purchase involve a life changing event, represent a heartfelt gesture of love or gratitude? Or, is it an exciting, impromptu, self-purchase?

The diamond’s shape is an essential factor and you will want to consider what might be preferred by the person for whom you are buying it. Will it match their sense of style and will they be comfortable wearing it?

Today, there are a wide variety of diamond shapes to select from, most popular being the round, emerald, pear, oval, princess, cushion and marquise. It is the cut that describes the proportions and angles of a diamond. Many people confuse cut with the shape of a diamond. A well-cut diamond is one that will reflect light from one mirror cut facet to another and projects the light through the top of the stone. 

Color is yet another player. No longer is diamond jewelry limited to classic pure white, colorless gems. Thanks to advanced technology, fancy colored diamonds are among today’s gemstone best sellers. 

Carat is a diamond’s measure of weight, not size. One full carat is equal to 100 points, a ¾ carat diamond is the same as 75 points, etc. the cut and the mounting can make a diamond appear larger than its actual weight. 

Did You Know?

Men are no longer taking a back seat when it comes to wearing jewelry. While watches are probably the most useful piece, today’s gender-neutral accessories are all pieces men can use to complement an outfit. Whatever the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a metal or leather bracelet, diamond stud earring or a basic gold, stainless or sterling chain to add an edge to a simple outfit. Signet rings, cuff links and tie tacks are always a safe bet for a classic, sophisticated look.

December Birthstones

Turquoise and Zircon are both prized since Biblical times for their beauty and promise of prosperity. Tanzanite, a glittering purple-blue gem named in honor of Tanzania, where it was discovered in 1967, is today one of the world’s most popular gems.   

Steven Reiner Joins Houston Jewelry!

Steven Reiner
Steven Reiner GIA Graduate Gemologist joins the team of diamond professionals
at Houston Jewelry

People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Steven Reiner is all about treating his customers as if every one of them was his only customer.  For over 44 years, the third generation in his family retail business, Reiner’s Fine Jewelry, he studiously adhered to a customer-centric focus in preparing, creating, and delivering engagement rings and other beautiful pieces of jewelry.  Steven’s story begins in 1980 in Carlsbad, California where he successfully completed the grueling and demanding course required of those who attain the title of “Graduate Gemologist in Residence from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).  With the skills learned, Steven was able to make the most special life moments even more special for customers who entrusted such moments to him. Steven is a GIA AJP Accredited Jewelry Professional, a Member of the Accredited Gemologist Association, and a past Senior Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.

Rex Solomon and Houston Jewelry welcomes Steven Reiner into our family.  The Donsky-Solomon family and the Reiner family have been friendly competitors for three generations, and now we have the chance to collaborate.  Steven retired from his family business, Reiner Fine Jewelry, last spring.  Steven decided that he missed the trade and working with his clients in a family environment.  Steven found that Houston Jewelry would provide the perfect platform.  At his new location, Steven will offer the same exceptional service that his customers have come to expect.  When you visit Houston Jewelry, please take a moment to welcome Steven.  We are proud to bring his expertise and high level of customer care to our store.


Enchanting Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

Holiday Highlight

Enchanting Gift Ideas

Morganite & Diamond ring in Rose GoldValentine’s Day is the one special day of the year when tokens of affection are given to family members, close friends and specific loved ones. February 14th is a day set apart for the display of emotion, devotion, passion and sincerity. It is not only a day for sweethearts, but a day filled with sentiment and feeling for anyone sharing a special bond. Since the 19th century, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated with flowers, candy and of course, the everlasting gift of fine jewelry.

Traditional gifts include heart shaped designs, as the heart is thought to be the center of all human emotions, and since love is a strong emotion, heart shaped jewelry is a classic gift of love. Other popular Valentine’s gift ideas include love knots, friendship bracelets, cuff links, message and personalized jewelry.

Tri-Color Knot Button EarringsThere are also certain colors associated with Valentine’s Day. Orange represents a possibility of love, pink is a promise of love, red is believed to be true love, and white represents fidelity and the pledge of undying love. Whether a walk in the park, candlelit dinner, or a gift of fine jewelry, thoughtful offerings from the heart are always appreciated on the day devoted to celebrating love.

Did You Know? At this year’s Golden Globe Awards, statement necklaces took first place on the red carpet, edging out the longtime reigning earring. Elegant, dramatic, sophisticated necklaces were seen in all shapes and sizes, ruling the necklines of some of the biggest stars and A-listers today. Congratulations to this year’s Golden Globe’s fashion forward accessory. We look forward to seeing more of you!

February Birthstone Amethyst. Few gemstones are as famous or as distinctive as the purple-lavender amethyst, the most popular form of precious quartz. Sincerity and sober thought are the traditional virtues given to those of February birth. Amethyst is said to promote calm, balance, peace, and to eliminate impatience.

Holiday Gift Bag @ Houston Jewelry

Holiday Gift Bag

Designs for Spirit & Support   


Cross Mogen David Hamsa
Designs for Spirit & Support


Unique designs inspired by the thought of healing and the comfort of mind, body and soul are being seen in abundance this season. Jewelry created with the intent to enhance spirituality, comfort loss, ward off disease and offer inspiration, hold both meaning and significance, while encouraging the mindset of a positive future.

Awareness Ribbons. The meanings of these colorful ribbons folded into a loop depend on the color. Each is a show of support or to raise awareness for a cause. The use of a ribbon was first seen in the early 1970s, when the song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” was released.

The Tree of Life. For centuries, the tree has been a symbol of family and immortality. As the tree grows old, it bears seeds that contain its very essence, allowing it to become immortal. It is a symbol of strength, a fresh start, positive energy, good health and a bright future.

The Evil Eye. Tied to a popular legend dating back 3,000 years, it is considered one of the strongest symbolic images known around the world. Once thought of as a look given to inflict harm and bad luck, today wearing the evil eye is the only way to protect against the power of the evil eye by “reflecting” the evil look.

The Hamsa (Hand). A protective sign thought to bring its owners happiness, luck, health, and good fortune, the hand can be worn with the fingers pointing up or down. Most importantly, it is believed to offer its owner protection from the evil eye.

This holiday season, treat yourself or give a gift of meaning and inspiration to someone special.


Did You Know?

Sotheby’s Geneva recently held and auction of the royal jewelry collection partially owned by Marie Antoinette. For the first time in 200 years, this extraordinary jewelry collection was revealed to the public. The diamond and pearl pendant that once belonged to Antoinette sold for $36.2 million, setting a world auction record for a natural pearl.

Before her execution, the Queen wrapped her jewels in a box and sent them to Vienna for safe harbor. In 1796 her daughter was presented with the family jewels.

December Birthstones

Turquoise Zicon Tanzanite
December Birthstones

Turquoise and Zircon are both prized since Biblical times for their beauty and promise of prosperity. Tanzanite, a glittering purple-blue gem, in one of the newest birthstones and has quickly become one of the world’s most popular gems.

What’s New! What’s Hot! End of Summer Styles

End of Summer Styles @ Houston Jewelry

End of Summer Styles @ Houston Jewelry

With long, hazy, hot and humid summer days dwindling and the arrival of shorter days, cool breezes and thoughts of light sweaters, it is time to harvest your autumn jewelry wardrobe.

This season, we will see last winter’s mix n’ match earring trend expanding into summer and autumn with a new vibe of geometric inspired balance and extra length styles cascading to sun kissed shoulders.

The lightweight, pastel colored pearls favored in spring are ramped up and surpassed by large, natural Tahitian and Baroque pearl beads, headlining ornate earrings, chunky necklaces and bold cocktail rings.

Necklace trends have been inspired by the body jewelry lining shores and sandy beaches up and down the east and west coast. Architectural, ultra-thin strands layered in a high-low sequence will provide a stunning streamlined jewelry effect.

Popular transitional trends focus on nature themes, highlighting the animal kingdom, sun, moon and stars. A conglomeration of gentle butterflies will be seen fluttering amongst bold fashion forward designs, while astronomical bodies will rotate around necklines and wrists, and wild beasts will stray from nightlife to workplace.

Visit us for suggestions to help with your seasonal jewelry transformations.

Did You Know?

Once upon a time, pirates were convinced that wearing earrings would improve or even cure bad eyesight. It was also thought that sailors wore earrings to save them from drowning, while others believed should a sailor drown and be washed ashore on another land, his gold earrings would be used by the discoverer as payment for his proper burial.

August Birthstones

Peridot and Sardonyx. Courage and happiness are the attributes thought to be bestowed upon those of August birth by these gemstones. Beautiful, transparent, olive-green peridot has been a popular gem of women for over 3,000 years, while the opaque, reddish-brown sardonyx has long been a favorite for men’s signet rings.

Peridot & Sardonyx August Birthstones
          Peridot & Sardonyx August Birthstones