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Houston's #1 Gold Buyer!

El comprador de oro número 1 de Houston!

Nearly every household has old gold pieces or fine jewelry lying around that is out of style or no longer wearable. Selling your gold to a trusted jeweler like Houston Jewelry is one of the best and most practical ways to achieve the highest value. Have a broken gold chain? We will buy it! Lose an earring and now only have one? We will buy it! Have an old ring that is terribly dated? We will buy that! Have a wedding band from a past marriage? We know you don't want that!! Old gold fillings? We will buy it!! If it is gold we will buy it! Have old silver flatware or silver plated flatware? We will even buy that! Not only do you receive a great monetary reimbursement, we get the chance to recycle old precious metals into beautiful new creations that are eco friendly!

As one of the top gold buyers in the Houston area, we care about each and every customer as well as each and every piece of precious metals that is brought to us. We take pride in providing the fairest gold and precious metals prices to our customers, and maintaining a strong relationship with our clients.

Houston Jewelry is the Best in Gold Buying!

Channel 2, 11, & 26 News have ALL found that Houston Jewelry pays the most, and have all pointed out that a FINE JEWELRY STORE is often the BEST place to sell gold and diamonds!

We Accept It All!

We're happy to evaluate any piece of old gold, silver, and platinum with our state of the art precious metal analyzer technology. Houston Jewelry is one of the only precious metals buyers to use Thermo Scientific Niton XRF to accurately assay every piece of precious metal, and not rely on the highly subjective, and often inaccurate acid testing methods. Once evaluated, we'll determine the fairest price for you based on the current spot price of precious metals. In addition, if you trade in your old diamonds & precious metals toward new fine jewelry, you'll get up to 50% MORE than our already-market-leading cash price! You won't find a better deal at any other gold buyer in Houston, TX.

Please don't forget, Houston Jewelry accepts more than just fine jewelry in good condition. We also accept broken jewelry, dental gold, watches and collector's items like coins. Bring in any of your old gold items for evaluation by our professional precious metal buyers.

We are Houston’s Most Trusted Jeweler for a Reason!

We are the only gold and silver buyer in Houston to:

  • Win the BBB Award for Excellence multiple times
  • To have an in house state of the art XRF assay lab
  • Simultaneous analysis of all precious metals
  • All of our scales are inspected and registered by the Texas Department of Agriculture
  • Fast, easy, and accurate karat sorting; results in less than 5 seconds
  • Faster, more comprehensive than fire assay with comparable accuracy

Our Process:

  • First we make an image of all the items you give us to analyze. Why do we do this. We want to assure our customers that we are giving them the price for every item they brought in. We feel this is a great piece of mind for our customers as well as avoiding any mistakes.
  • Second we will analyze all your precious metals using our state of the art analytical equipment which include: xray spectrometer, specific gravity scale, electronic resitance testing, and lastly traditional acid testing if needed. Altogether, this is much more accurate than relying on only acid tests.
  • Third we will weigh your jewelry on our Texas Department of Agriculture registered scales. All of this is done right in front of you. Nothing is taken out of eye shot from our customers. We will always make you the highest and most competitive offer we possibly can. No games! Just the best offer period!
  • Once we have all the weights and types of precious metals you have, we will calculate the price based on the current New York spot price. We will also tell you how much we are currently paying in store. We do not make offers over the phone due to how many factors go into calculating the price we do not want to give you an inaccurate price EVER!
  • Once we have calculated the total for you we will make you an offer. We always suggest for you to shop around before making a sale. Although we do pay more, we want you to be comfortable with the offer we make. After all the offer is good for the entire day. You can always shop around and come back and we will honor the quote we gave you.
  • The only part left is for you to decide whether or not you would like to accept our offer. You are never under any obligation to accept an offer. If you do decide to sell we will issue a check for your items in a timely manner. We know you have other things to do.
  • Trade it in!

    We offer 150% of the cash value when you trade in your old gold & broken jewelry towards the purchase new fine jewelry. No one else offers this. So if you have old dated jewelry you just wont wear anymore, why not trade it in for something fresh and fashionable.

    Houston Precious Metals Dealers Lic #46590
    Texas Precious Metals Registration Number 100308

    Accredied by the Better Business Bureau  World's Top Jewelers  America's Best Jewelers

    We are a company of Distinction

    Houston Jewelry, Inc. BBB Business Review