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Gorgeous Earrings & Studs

Shop our extensive curated collection of the finest quality earrings


The diamond stud earring is a singular stone or metal shape connected to a post that is worn through the earlobe and fastened with a clutch back. A timeless classic, the diamond stud can be worn from casual daily wear to a elegant night on the town. Diamond studs are a staple of every womens jewelry box, and making sure you get the perfect pair is what we strive for at Houston Jewelry. The stud is not an exclusive style to just diamonds. Colored gemstones, pearls, plain gold, silver and platinum styles are also available. While the stud is not one of the more versatile styles it is still a much have for every jewelry collection.


The cluster earring is a design of diamonds or gemstones decoratively grouped together to form a cluster connected to a post and fastened in the back. Cluster earrings are a great way to get a larger more dramatic looking earring, while still staying within a reasonable budget. One of the best features of a cluster is the ability to mix colored gemstones & diamonds together to create and amazing look for any outfit.


The drop earring is any earring that hangs below the earlobe that is suspended by a single wire or chain and connected to a post. Drop earrings can be constructed of gold, platinum or silver and may or may not include diamonds or colored gemstones. The drop earring varies so much in styles they can range from a very casual look to an elegant high fashion design. Come into our showroom and let our jewelry professional assist you in deciding what style best suits your need and personal style.


The chandelier earring is true to its name, this earring is connected to a post and drops below the earlobe in the form of a chandelier. The chandelier earring can contain diamonds or gemstones or be made of simply gold, platinum or silver. The chandelier earring is an elegant style, perfect for a night out on the town.


Button earrings are any earring that is connected to a post and does not dangle. Button earrings can be various shapes and sizes and comprised of any metal with or without stones. From a casual trendy style to an elegant diamond design we are sure to have the perfect style to fit your personal style. Worn tight on the earlobe, it is very easy to get a style that may not fit your ear as well as you hoped. Thats where our experianced jewelry professionals come in. We will never let you walk out with a pair of earrings you will regret later. No matter what you are looking for our sales staff will not stop till we find the perfect pair of earrings for your needs.


Hoop earrings are made in different variations. A round metal tube or ring that is shaped in a continuous circle, a half circle, or the hoop can be ā€œJā€ shaped. The hoop earring has been a favorite for hundreds of years. Why not? There is so much you can do with the hoop earring. From diamond & gemstone hoops, plain gold or silver hoops, and elegant designer hoops you are bound to find at least a pair to add to your jewelry collection. Earring charms can be attached to hoop earrings; these can be changed out to coordinate with any outfit! We can even create a pair of hoops based on your choice of design.

Whether you are planning an amazing romantic evening wearing the perfect dress or wearing a stunning new outfit to impress your coworkers your look should be accompanied by a beautiful pair of earrings. At Houston Jewelry our jewelry experts are trained to find what styles and shapes accent your features and will accompany your outfit for an amazing jaw dropping look. From dazzling diamond studs or perfect cultured pearl studs, to vibrant gemstones & diamond earrings, or sparkling diamond hoops and elegant designer diamond chandeliers, Houston Jewelry has that unique pair of earrings to brighten your face and put that extra glimmer in your eye. Houston Jewelry has the latest styles, made from the highest quality materials, diamonds and gemstones from around the world. When shopping for your perfect set of earrings, make sure to choose a pair that will positively enhance your features and add the touch of style you desire. We have earrings for every woman and for any possible occasion. Diamond earrings are the perfect gift for any occasion or even just because. If for any reason we do not have the style you are looking for don't worry, our master jewelers can custom make the earrings of your dreams. Visit our store today and let one of our jewelry specialists assist you with all your fine jewelry needs.

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