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Houston Jewelry Honored by United States Congress

Houston, Texas, August  6, 2014. Houston Jewelry was recently honored in Congress as being a true “Texas Treasure.” The Honorable John Abbey Culberson made the statement into the Congressional Record on July 3, in Washington, DC.

Houston Jewelry, the family owned and operated business since 1866, has specialized in fine jewelry since 1953. A true “Texas Treasure,” the history of this jewelry store mirrors that of Texas itself. What started out as a frontier general store in the young, burgeoning town of Houston, grew and matured to what it is today: one of “America’s Best Couture Jewelers” and multiple winner of the Better Business Bureau of Houston’s Award for Excellence, Winner of Distinction award.

Like the city of Houston, from humble beginnings, the store owned by the Donsky-Solomon family has now earned national and international recognition. Houston Jewelry is now in its fifth generation of active management of this family owned business. From the sale of staple and fancy dry goods to fine jewelry, through catalog and online sales, each generation has enhanced the business it inherited, following the latest trends and technology of a major metropolitan city.

Houston Jewelry has become a steadfast testament to the power of determination, innovation, and family bonds through the storms it has weathered, economic busts and national depressions.

Houston Jewelry represents one of the oldest family businesses in Houston, and among the oldest in Texas, and has been a leader in the jewelry and fine gift industry for generations.

Rex Solomon, president of Houston Jewelry, states that “It is a great honor to be recognized in the Congress of the United States and we thank Congressman John Culberson for the recognition.”

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