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End of Summer Styles @ Houston Jewelry

End of Summer Styles @ Houston Jewelry

With long, hazy, hot and humid summer days dwindling and the arrival of shorter days, cool breezes and thoughts of light sweaters, it is time to harvest your autumn jewelry wardrobe.

This season, we will see last winter’s mix n’ match earring trend expanding into summer and autumn with a new vibe of geometric inspired balance and extra length styles cascading to sun kissed shoulders.

The lightweight, pastel colored pearls favored in spring are ramped up and surpassed by large, natural Tahitian and Baroque pearl beads, headlining ornate earrings, chunky necklaces and bold cocktail rings.

Necklace trends have been inspired by the body jewelry lining shores and sandy beaches up and down the east and west coast. Architectural, ultra-thin strands layered in a high-low sequence will provide a stunning streamlined jewelry effect.

Popular transitional trends focus on nature themes, highlighting the animal kingdom, sun, moon and stars. A conglomeration of gentle butterflies will be seen fluttering amongst bold fashion forward designs, while astronomical bodies will rotate around necklines and wrists, and wild beasts will stray from nightlife to workplace.

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Did You Know?

Once upon a time, pirates were convinced that wearing earrings would improve or even cure bad eyesight. It was also thought that sailors wore earrings to save them from drowning, while others believed should a sailor drown and be washed ashore on another land, his gold earrings would be used by the discoverer as payment for his proper burial.

August Birthstones

Peridot and Sardonyx. Courage and happiness are the attributes thought to be bestowed upon those of August birth by these gemstones. Beautiful, transparent, olive-green peridot has been a popular gem of women for over 3,000 years, while the opaque, reddish-brown sardonyx has long been a favorite for men’s signet rings.

Peridot & Sardonyx August Birthstones
          Peridot & Sardonyx August Birthstones