Sunny Seamless Transitions

14k YG triangle post earrings with 0.18ct tw  diamonds
14k YG geometric prism ring with 0.32ct tw diamonds
14k gold and resin electroform interlocked bangles
Piyaro Italian silver bangle with 14k RG
plating and hinge opening.
SS mini smile bar necklace
SS tassel pendant with 18” chain and 14 x 10mm lapis triplet

Seamless Transitions

When transitioning from sandals to boots, be sure to update your jewelry as well.

As long summer days heat up, jewelry fashion will float from the beach to the ballet. Going minimal on clothing and maximizing jewelry by mixing bold and dainty designs will create an effortless flair to accompany the ambiance of late summer. As the season regresses from high heat to cool breeze, mingle summer silvers with warm yellow or peach gold and pair with colored gems reminiscent of radiant sunsets.

When layering for climate change, your jewelry can also use a cover-up. Starting with your lobes, add larger, expressive earrings. Accent your minimalist bar pendant by adding a long necklace to sway beneath. Choose one statement piece, a watch or oversized cuff, and add several slim bangles to bracelets to accent your wrists. Finally, this season it’s all about the fingers. You won’t go wrong with one big, bold ring and/or several dainty stackables to round out your look.

Easing out of your summer jewelry can be as calm and enjoyable as an autumn breeze. Visit us today, we will be happy to help you seamlessly transition into the upcoming season.

 Did You Know?

Buried deep within layers of shale in Alberta, Canada is a gemstone called Ammolite. Its vibrant shades of red, orange, blue and green offer a unique complementary contrast.

The gem comes from an ancient marine mollusk called an ammonite, found in Canada 65 million years ago. While ammolite fossils have been found elsewhere, the ammolite gem has only been found in Alberta.

August Birthstones

Peridot and Sardonyx.

Courage and happiness are the attributes thought to be bestowed upon those of August birth by these gemstones. Beautiful, transparent, olive-green peridot has been a popular gem of women for over 3,000 years, while the opaque, reddish-brown sardonyx has long been a favorite for men’s signet rings.