Pearls in Popular Fashion @ Houston Jewelry

Freshwater Pearl Bib Necklace
18” SS bridal bib “Spotlight” necklace with clusters of
freshwater pearls

Popular Pearl Fashion

Pearls, forever a favorite, are always in fashion. Whether a classic single strand of snowy, white, perfectly matched, round pearls, or any of today’s fancy shapes including oval, baroque, coin, petal and potato, the selection is strictly a personal preference.

Natural Pink Freshwater Pearl Ring
14k Rose Gold 13‐14mm natural pink Windsor freshwater cultured pearl & diamond ring

Classic and timeless favorites have long been the Akoya and South Sea pearl. But, it is today’s beautiful freshwater pearls that are taking center stage. Due to their varying sizes and fashionable, on point colors such as pink, peach, gold and classic white, freshwater pearls are a fantastic bargain. They cover the widest range of options for pearl buyers in size, shape and color, making them one of the best values in the entire category.

Rivaling the size of some high-end Akoya and South Sea pearls at a fraction of the cost, designers love these affordable, larger size freshwater pearls for use in dramatically styled rings, pins, pendants, and earrings. Adding elegance and style to any outfit, no jewelry wardrobe is complete without pearls.

14k WG 8mm black pearl pendant with 0.92ct tw diamonds


Did You Know?

Ebates recently published results from a national Wedding Survey finding 49% of women prefer to be surprised with an engagement ring, 15% wanted to select the ring themselves, 28% preferred shopping together, while a mere 7% chose an heirloom ring. And, 72% feel it’s ok to upgrade after the wedding!

June Birthstones

Pearl. Pure white pearls have for centuries been viewed as a statement of taste and refinement, as well as a symbol of perfect purity. Pearls are often given to celebrate the birth of a child and are thought to bring a happy marriage to those of June birth. Alexandrite. June’s alternate birthstone is famous for its ability to change color, appearing green by day and red at night. It is a rare and expensive gemstone, symbolic of joy and good fortune.

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