April 2017

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April 2017 Newsletter

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow…Forever

Whether it’s one, two, or three diamonds, it’s all about scintillation, movement, romance, and a couple’s journey. Solitaire diamonds create a stunning focal point in any diamond fashion. They are also given as the traditional symbolic promise of marriage. Popular twin diamond designs represent the feeling when friendship and love join together, the love you share with not only your best friend but your one true love. And finally, the sentimental trio of sparkling diamonds remains a glowing tribute to the past, present and future…beautifully representing the most significant stages in life.

Some of today’s diamond designs swing, sway and flutter, while others remain poised in classic solitaire pendants, ear studs, and glistening rings. Mounted in sterling silver, karat gold or platinum, all diamond jewelry creates a lasting memory.


Did You Know?

Another lucky visitor to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, AR scored the souvenir of a lifetime! This March, a 14 year old  named Kalel Langford, (yes it is pronounced Kal El like Superman’s  Kryptonian name) discovered the 7.44 carat diamond just minutes into his search.  And what a find it was since he had only been in the park for twenty minutes. Park officials said an increase in rainfall that week created ideal diamond searching conditions.

Kalel named the diamond after Superman since the superheros birth name was Kal’El as well. The “Superman’s Diamond” is the 7th largest diamond found at this park since 1972, and is said to be about the size of a pinto bean with a dark brown, coffee color. Its young owner says he plans to keep it as a souvenir.

April Birthstone

Diamond. This pure white gem is synonymous with love and innocence. Since ancient times, diamonds symbolized invincibility for those born in April because of their hardness and durability.

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Diamonds have been a symbol of love and devotion for decades.From engagement rings to diamond stud earrings, diamonds have always been a way to show that special someone in your life how much you mean to them.  Diamonds are also a perfect stone for jewelry as it goes with everything. Diamonds are extremely durable as well, making it a fine piece of jewelry that can be passed down from generation to generation. Many times the setting will be the piece that needs to be replaced before the diamond. Not only do the styles change, gold and platinum are fairly soft metals and wear over time. The one thing you always want to make sure to do is make sure you have the prongs on your diamond check from time to time, especially on an engagement ring or any large, expensive solitaire diamond. While have a ring retipped isn’t cheap, it is much less expensive than replacing a large diamond. If you are ever in our store, stop by our repair department and have one of our jewelry specialists put your engagement ring on our tester and make sure your stone is secure. We offer this service free of charge even if you didn’t buy your diamond from us.

Tips and Tricks for Caring for Crystal Glassware

As a retailer of Fine Crystal and Glassware we are often asked how to care for it! Here are our suggestion and tips on how to properly care for and maintain your fine crystal glassware.

Fine Crystal should be hand washed. It is best to use warm soapy water. Putting crystal in the dishwasher risks damage, dulling, and spotting from the dishwasher soap. It is always advisable to wash by hand, rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint free cloth if possible.

When you are washing your stemware DO NOT twist the bowl in an opposite direction as the stem as this can cause damage or even breakage.

Rims are the finest and most fragile part of a crystal glass. DO NOT turn upside down to dry or to store as this could potentially cause chipping to the rim.

It is recommended when storing NOT to stack your glassware as to prevent damage.

Finally AVOID pouring iced liquids or extremely hot liquids into the crystal as extreme temperatures can crack or break your crystal.

If you follow these few simple tips your glassware should last for years to come! Lastly don’t forget to visit Houston Jewelry for all of your giftware needs.

March Jewelry Insights

Did You Know?

At the Oscars & the

Golden Globes, no one shied away from pairing big, bold and colorful jewelry with their reflective gowns. In fact, designs were reminiscent of the 70’s style jewelry worn by the recently deceased, iconic actress, Mary Tyler Moore. Throughout her extraordinary life, she was seen draped in multi-strand necklaces, chokers, chunky gold cuffs, cascading earrings, and pearls galore.

March Birthstones

Aquamarine. The name derived from Latin means “seawater.” A member of the beryl gem family, transparent, beautiful, blue aquamarine offers a tribute to the sea, capturing both its essence and spirit.

Bloodstone. It’s actually not red at all, it is an opaque, deep, rich green with vivid bright red flecks and has been a favorite of men for centuries.

Bolo/Friendship Bracelets

Popular in the 1970’s, friendship bracelets were originally made by knotting and twisting various threads, yarns, rubber cords and leather materials. Many were embellished with beads and most were made in special colors designated to display an individual’s character traits.

Friendship bracelets were not only personal and interesting, they also carried a special meaning for the person who made it and the friend who wore it.

Typically given as a sign of friendship, these handmade, twisted bracelets were intended to be tied on the wrist of a friend and won continuously as a symbol of lasting friendship.

Yesteryear’s friendship bracelets are today known as Bolo bracelets and are made from leather, sterling silver and many colors of karat gold. Today’s bracelets have an adjustable twist and knot, making for a customized, perfect fit. While they can offer the same meaning, and are a perfect gift for a friend or love interest, this trend-setting style has become a popular self-purchase for the fashion forward.

While these slim, delicate designs look amazing on their own, today these fashion forward wrist decorations are frequently studded with diamonds, personalized charms and layered to reflect one’s individual style.



Fine Jewelry Makes the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift



A Heartfelt Gift Preview


Fine jewelry from Houston Jewelry makes the perfect gift to give this Valentine’s Day! It’s hard to find a gift that says “I Love You” more than a stunning piece of jewelry. February 14th is the traditional day when romantics convey their devotion by exchanging gifts of endearment. Valentine’s Day jewelry offers unique and time-tested designs to proclaim your feelings. Many of yesteryear’s favorites remain very much in demand today.

Romantic Hearts, there is no symbol more endearing. It is love’s most popular and timeless icon. Today, you can choose from hearts big and small, gold or silver, in either traditional or contemporary designs.


Lustrous Pearls are another Valentine’s Day favorite. Designs set with glowing, white cultured, colorful freshwater, or dramatic Tahitian pearls are gifts that are always flattering and perfect for a special someone.

Love Notes. There’s no more personal way to express your feelings than with a piece of jewelry that displays a visible or hidden message. Engraving an item or having something monogramed is the perfect way to get your message of love across.

Diamonds. No matter how small the package is, when the gift inside is a dazzling piece of diamond jewelry, you can be sure to receive a tremendous reception! Nothing says “I Love You” the way a precious diamond does! Remember a diamond lasts forever, chocolate melts! Give her the candy she really wants from Houston Jewelry this Valentine’s Day!

Visit Houston Jewelry today and select from a wide range of all-time favorites guaranteed to warm your Valentine’s heart! We have gifts in every style and for every budget. Whether you are looking for a diamond heart pendant or a diamond band, we have the gift she will love!


Did You Know?

Ancient Egyptians were amongst the first known to exchange rings of love. Reeds, bone and leather were woven in circles, symbolic of eternal love and placed on any finger, even thumbs. It was the myth of a vein, called the “lovers vein,” thought to pump blood from the forth finger of the left hand directly to the heart, which started a tradition. From hand to heart, the left ring finger has since been dedicated for wedding rings.

Visit Houston Jewelry today and let us assist you in finding a heartfelt gift for your special Valentine!


January 2017 Jewelry Tips

Charles Garnier Soft BangleIt’s Time For An Arm Party!

When it comes to effortless ways to perk up an outfit, jewelry always tops the list. With an array of bracelets from inspirational stretch or wrap, thin pull ties, karat gold bangles, and jewel encrusted cuffs, there is never an excuse to leave the house with a naked wrist. Come see our amazing collection of Charles Garnier Paris soft bangle bracelets!
Bracelets and bangles of all sizes, shapes, colors and metals can be worn with jeans or a classic, little black dress. Mix, match, and stack for a unique, multi-dimensional look that suites your style.
Choose a theme or a color scheme: Select various sizes and shapes, wide, thin or negative space. Mixing colored gold and sterling silver creates a lively and festive atmosphere. If you’re not confident mixing metals, go for a combination of colored gemstones.
Having a Mixer? Mix function with fashion and invite the neighborhood watch, this useful attendee’s crystal face will make a stunning centerpiece.

An Intimate or Large Gathering? Try to keep to the general size of your party arm. Be sure to break up everyday partners and add a few singles to kick up the volume, especially when creating larger gatherings.

Did You Know?

The Pantone Fashion Color Report is one of two semi-annual reports published as a comprehensive overview for the fashion industry’s upcoming season. The top 10 colors for 2017 are all reminiscent of the hues that surround us in nature. Just recently, Pantone selected one of the 10, Greenery, as THE color of 2017. A vibrant, yellow-green which supposedly speaks to our inner desire to explore, experiment and reinvent.
When selecting your spring jewelry wardrobe, take a deep breath, think of flourishing foliage, awakening and recharging your senses.

January Birthstone Garnet.

Traditionally regarded as the gem offering constancy, faith, and truth for those of January birth, the diversity of color and appearance places garnets among gemology’s most alluring subjects.

Diamonds: The Perfect Gift

Diamonds: The Perfect Gift

Diamonds are the most precious and valuable of all gems. Rare, incredibly brilliant, they have a unique inner fire, rainbow sparkle, and they are available in a range of sizes, weights, and grades. From small micropavé settings to dramatic solitaires, diamonds offer a gift, or self-purchase, to suite any budget.

Pure white diamonds remain by far the most popular, but thanks to modern technology, colored diamonds are more plentiful and available than they once were. When it comes to shape, the round brilliant-cut remains the all-time favorite, although princess and cushion cuts are fast growing in popularity.

The shape of a diamond is a personal choice. Keep in mind, it is the cut grade that defines how well a diamond’s facets interact with light. Diamonds are renowned for their brilliance and sparkle. It takes precise artistry and workmanship to fashion a stone so its proportions, symmetry, and polish deliver the magnificent return of light.

Diamonds are available in many affordable prices and mountings from platinum, karat gold, or sterling silver, to contemporary metals such as titanium, tungsten, or stainless steel. The gift of diamond jewelry is a perfect token of affection, a fitting symbol to celebrate the holidays, or commemorate any special occasion. Stop in to Houston Jewelry soon and see our exciting collection.

 Did You Know?

As long as there have been people, there’s been a love for gold. From Pharaohs to Wall Street, gold has played an important role in structure and protecting wealth.

24 karat gold is pure elemental gold, 18 karat gold is 75% pure gold, 14 karat gold is 58.5% pure gold, and 10 karat gold is 41.7% pure gold.

A single ounce of gold can be stretched into a gold thread 5 miles long. Gold threads can even be used as embroidery thread.

December Birthstones

Turquoise and Zircon are both prized since Biblical times for their beauty and promise of prosperity. Tanzanite, a glittering purple-blue gem, is one of the newest birthstones and has quickly become one of the world’s most popular gems.

Geometric Jewelry: Fall 2016 Fine Jewelry Trends


Geometric Jewelry, Layered Looks, Mix And Match Gems

Geometric jewelry is everywhere this season! Key accessories play an important role in Fall 2016 fashions.  The Fall 2016 trends in fine jewelry are geometrically inspired designs such as spirals, circles, squares, rectangles, and triangular shapes in rings, pins, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Jewelry that provides a bright, layered look is also a sure-fire way to liven up outfits in this season’s popular colors. Colors such as rose gold, gold and dark silver are all hugely popular in the Fall season.


A widespread trend for today’s fashionista is the mixing and matching of various styles, colors, metals, and gemstones. And this fall, the pairing of two mismatched earrings is flirting with tradition. The lopsided lobe trend of mismatched ear embellishments such as one moon and one star, or a gold and diamond chandelier swaying on one lobe while the other is adorned by a single gemstone stud is becoming increasingly popular. Ear climbers, and ear cuffs are still hugely popular with millenials. Pulling off any of these trendy looks is simply about having fun and expressing oneself.


Trending necklaces remain to be the subtle and simplistic layering of two or more strands or styles of karat gold or silver. We are seeing lots of delicate necklaces layered with different stones, dainty diamonds, and creative shapes. Crescent moon shapes, hamsa hands, horns, and arrows are being featured on many designs. Geometric charms are also being seen dangling from simple chokers and collars to create a clean chic look. In addition, stackable rings, bangles, and cuffs set with richly colored gems also lend themselves to fashionable layering. Today, many jewelry designers are mixing various gem colors, cuts, carat weights, and shapes to provide many new and exciting combinations that might not normally be seen together. These can add more character and interest than perfectly matched gems.


Top Picks in Bridal Styles

The top picks in bridal styles range from romance to contemporary this year! From engagement rings to wedding bands we are seeing lots of trends in the jewelry market. Romance is always in style and is seen in many of today’s bridal designs. What’s old is new again this season with elegant, vintage rings and antique diamond cuts both so prevalent. Classic designs are consistently popular and sleek. Contemporary styles with gemstone accents in unexpected colors continue to make an appearance.


Coast Custom Diamond & Sapphire Engagement Ring

Couples today are choosing styles that have a timeless appeal and many of the new designs featuring arcs, curves, twists and swirls are making antique-inspired styles with hand engraving, micro-pave, and filigree details high in demand. British it girl Pippa Middleton recently got engaged with an antique style Deco inspired Asscher cut diamond ring!


While the most popular metals for today’s bridal jewelry is white gold and platinum, two-toned gold combinations are a fashion forward alternative. Rose gold engagement rings are also becoming exceedingly popular with brides-to-be.  Today’s grooms seem to be paying particular attention to interesting, lightweight and durable contemporary metals such as titanium or cobalt.


Not surprisingly, the round brilliant cut diamond is still the most popular shape for engagement rings, but emerald, cushion, and radiant cuts are becoming more popular by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Aniston. Comfortable, simplistic wedding bands for gents remain favorites, while more ornate bands set with pave diamonds, diamond baguette eternity bands, hand engraved bands or fine milgrain edges are popular with the ladies.


Round Diamond Engagement Ring in a Halo Setting

This year more than ever, bridal jewelry is available in designs and prices to suit every taste and budget. Visit Houston Jewelry today and let us assist you in finding the PERFECT engagement ring for you!

Jewelry Trendsetters: Colorful Gemstone Cocktail Rings

Colorful, easy to wear, and versatile designs top this season’s hottest jewelry developments. Fall 2016 is about big, bold and colorful cocktail rings!


Reach for the sky in this Ivory Sky cocktail ring. Lovely Lapis, white mother of pearl and white topaz combine for a vibrant grey-blue with rainbow hues. This ring is a true show stopper!

Jewelry fashion trends are often born rom the creative minds of designers and featured on high fashion runways. These designs start out as extravagant , avant-garde statements meant to accentuate a collection of garments and overall concept of the designer’s line. From there, celebrities and stylists cherry pick and cultivate jewelry designs to wear n the red carpet, and those looks are shared to the masses.


The Dove’s Viola cocktail ring above features the Pantone Color of the Year. Rich Amethyst is coupled with pink mother of pearl resulting in an expressive, creative and embracing purple. Surrounded by diamonds, this is the ULTIMATE cocktail ring!

This season, it’s all about colorful cocktail gemstone rings. The bigger, and bolder..the better!  These dramatically styled rings are often seen in clusters of vibrantly colored gems or with large, colored center stones surrounded by diamond accents or smaller complementary colored gems. From Sapphires to Rubies, to even Turquoise stones, the options for this look are endless. Some people prefer a giant center stone showstopper look, while others prefer a smaller center stone surrounded by gemstones or diamonds. The design choices are vast and there is a style to accommodate any taste.


The center stone for this cocktail ring originated in the Amazon River, this “Hope Stone” is known to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. Faceted, clear white topaz is layered with amazonite and surrounded by diamonds to create a glamorous look.

At the top of the list are the designs worn by royalty and celebrities. When copied and revamped, these fashion forward designs are readily available in a wide range of styles and prices to suite any age, budget or style!

How to Care for Fine Jewelry

As a retailer of fine jewelry we get lots of emails and calls asking us how to protect these valuable assets. Here a few valuable tips to keep your fine jewelry safe and sparkling. Dirt buildup may hasten the wear of your jewelry. Visit your jeweler at least once a year to have your fine jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected for worn or cracked prongs, faulty clasps, or any other potential problem that can occur with daily wear.  Avoid heavy blows to your diamond. Diamonds can chip if they are struck at just the right angle. If you bump or snag your jewelry, have it inspected for potential damage that may be unnoticeable to you. When you are not wearing your jewelry, place each item in a separate, soft, compact container. If cluttered together, jewelry can become scratched or chipped.

Diamond Care

Don’t wear your jewelry in the ocean! Salt water and jewelry just don’t mix. Ocean water can actually damage some stones and metals.Don’t wear your jewelry while cleaning! Exposure to chemicals can damage and discolor precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Certain household chemical cleansers can actually damage colored gems. Remove your jewelry before going into chlorinated water, salt water, when using household cleansers.  Swimming in jewelry is also a bad idea as the water can constrict fingers making it more likely for your rings to fall off. Don’t place or store your jewelry near vents, grates, sinks or drains. This is just a disaster waiting to happen. When wearing pearl jewelry be cautious what cosmetics and lotions you use, as pearls are easily damaged by such products.

Pearl Jewelry

Keep jewelry in an unlikely place. Jewelry boxes are an obvious place for thieves to look. When traveling, keep valuable jewelry at home or store it in the hotel safe, not your safe. Most burglaries happen in broad daylight. Always keep doors and windows locked during the day. One of the best ways to keep valuable or extensive jewelry collections secure is to store them in a burglary and fire-resistant safe.