Not Only For St. Patrick’s Day

Celtic Inspired Classic Irish jewelry designs such as the Claddagh, the shamrock, and the Celtic Knot, are growing more and more popular every year with people of all backgrounds.Celtic Wedding Band

Claddagh ring

Claddagh Jewelry was named for the ancient village of Claddagh, just outside Galway City. In the early 16th century, a young goldsmith named Richard Joyce designed and made the first Claddagh ring, combining a heart for love, a crown for loyalty, and two hands for friendship. Now known throughout the world as a symbol of love, Claddagh jewelry is available in 14K gold rings, pendants, earrings, charms, pins, and bangle bracelets.

Celtic Knot wedding bands come in many beautiful styles and feature an openwork eternity figure with no beginning and no end, which makes it an ideal concept for wedding rings. Today’s Celtic Knots are popular in earrings and pendants as well.Black Titanium & SS Edward Mirell Celtic ring

Did You Know?

The notion that earrings should come in a matching set is old school. Mismatched earrings are sparking a trend. The look stems from the broader fashion world of mismatched prints and colors. You can create this asymmetrical look by using different sizes, shapes, non-matching colored gemstones or create your own pairing by mixing up single earrings.

March Birthstones

Aquamarine in Latin means water of the sea. It was once referred to as “the sailor’s stone” and thought to provide safe voyages if tossed in the ocean as a gift to Poseidon.

Bloodstone is usually dark green in color with red spots due to the iron oxide deposition. The stone is thought to have intense healing powers, primarily for blood disorders, but it was also used for making seals and amulets.