New for Spring – Jelly Bean Colored Gems

Jelly Bean Colored Gems

These beautifully clear, transparent gemstones capture the essence of spring in rich, glowing, fresh fruit colors that brighten your world all year long. In smooth, oval cabochon cuts they glow with color like baskets filled with jelly beans.

Grape. This luscious, purple, grape juice color is presented perfectly in the delightful purple garnet, offering a spectacular brilliance and durability. Other deep purple gems include amethyst, spinel, tanzanite, and purple sapphire.

Lemon. Clear and appetizing, lemon-colored citrine is a popular and affordable, transparent quartz. Sunny yellow gems include sapphire, topaz, beryl, and amber – a gem that has been prized since ancient times.

Lime. The most popular lime-colored gem is the lovely, yellow-green peridot. Not only sparkling and transparent, peridot glows with an inner radiance. Other lime-green gems include green tourmaline and green quartz.

Blueberry. While the first thought of a blue gemstone might be the stunning sapphire, there are many gemstones available in a variety of luscious blue hues. Most common is aquamarine, blue agate, blue topaz, blue zircon, chalcedony, diamond, lapis, spinel and turquoise.

Peach. Transparent, peach colored gems have a delicate pink-orange tint that is wonderfully appealing when light shines through. Morganite, imperial topaz, tourmaline, and moonstone all offer this tender color.

Did You Know?

Many top entertainers at the 2018 Grammys wore undeniably big, bold and black diamond jewelry. Black diamonds have gone from best supporting to starring roles. Lady Gaga wore massive, dangling earrings featuring over 300 carats of black diamonds and Heidi Klum was flaunting several black diamond band rings, well over 49 carats.

Black diamonds are not just for the rich and famous. Today, the black diamond’s unique and dramatic beauty is vying for center stage in engagement rings, stud earrings and many fashion forward jewelry designs.

April Birthstone

Diamond. Diamonds are synonymous with love, purpose, dedication, and devotion. Since ancient times, diamonds have symbolized invincibility for those born in April because of their hardness and durability.