Lacey, Light & Lovely

Filigree’s airy, elegant, web-like designs mirror the prominent lacey, mesh, and cutout fashions seen in abundance on the hottest runways and red carpets today. These designs are the perfect blend of wov

14k Rhodium‐plated filigree lever‐back earrings

en, shiny threads of karat gold, sterling silver or platinum, lending a feel of fine fabric against the skin.

Rose Gold filigree pendant Amethyst
14k Rose Gold filigree pendant with 9.49 ct Amethyst set in SS and 0.83 ct tw diamonds by Majestic Art

Complex in design, filigree’s beauty is a blend of ancient and modern art. The delicacy of this art makes it an alluring form of jewelry. It is the use of fine metal threads which are crafted and interwoven that provide filigree jewelry designs an exquisite and distinct lace-like look. Add an unexpected flash of color, and these delicate, fanciful, ornamental designs will take on the appearance of a classic heirloom piece.


14k polished fancy filigree bangle by Quality Gold
Byzantine Ring
18k and oxidized SS oval byzantine ring by Royal Chain

Did You Know?

Debra Messing 1988
          Debra Messing

The loveable actress, Debra Messing, who recently reprised her role as Grace Adler in the popular sitcom, Will & Grace, has been recognized by the jewelry industry for her personal style, which has inspired consumer desire for fine jewelry. Messing’s passion for exquisite jewelry accessories in bold designs, statement pieces and her love for color, has been known to inspire women to explore how fine jewelry can make them feel beautiful, strong and confident.

October Birthstones

Opal and Tourmaline.

These two brightly colored gemstones are believed to bring hope and balance to the lives of the October born. Luminous opal is known for its ever-changing rainbow of fiery iridescent colors. Sparkling tourmaline has been popular throughout history because of its astonishing variety of colors.