January 2018 Newsletter

What Goes Around Comes Around

               What Goes Around Comes Around

The circle has long been a symbol for eternity, especially in the form of wedding and engagement rings where they represent eternal love. This season, circles are leading the trend in jewelry fashion.

Both large and small, single and multiple spheres, created in yellow, white or rose karat gold are available. Also designs made from alternative and mixed metals, and polished or hammered finishes are popular with or without  sparkling diamonds and gleaming gemstones.

Hoop earrings are always an unbeatable combination of classic and trendy. Among the leaders are two-inch, inside-outside diamond hoops with sparkling white diamonds on both inner and outer surfaces. Other fashion forward designs include the ever popular, oversized polished or braided style hoops.

A wide variety of circular pendants are also available in stylish designs using colored gems centered inside the circle or a series of smaller circles within a large circle. Popular are the two intertwined circles, which offer a reminder of an unbreakable connection between loved ones.

This season, there are many imaginative designs to choose from.

Did You Know?

The wearing of classic black and white gemstones is a New Year’s tradition. When paired together they display an element of glamour and formal elegance, adding beauty and sophistication to any outfit. Traditional colors for New Year’s Eve celebrations, black symbolized the end of the old year and white represents the birth of the New Year.

January Birthstone:


Traditionally regarded as the gem offering constancy, compassion, and faith. Wearing garnets was believed to purify the body’s energy by getting rid of toxins and restoring the body to its revitalized and re-energized state. The diversity of color and appearance places garnets among gemology’s most alluring subjects.