Enchanting Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

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Enchanting Gift Ideas

Morganite & Diamond ring in Rose GoldValentine’s Day is the one special day of the year when tokens of affection are given to family members, close friends and specific loved ones. February 14th is a day set apart for the display of emotion, devotion, passion and sincerity. It is not only a day for sweethearts, but a day filled with sentiment and feeling for anyone sharing a special bond. Since the 19th century, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated with flowers, candy and of course, the everlasting gift of fine jewelry.

Traditional gifts include heart shaped designs, as the heart is thought to be the center of all human emotions, and since love is a strong emotion, heart shaped jewelry is a classic gift of love. Other popular Valentine’s gift ideas include love knots, friendship bracelets, cuff links, message and personalized jewelry.

Tri-Color Knot Button EarringsThere are also certain colors associated with Valentine’s Day. Orange represents a possibility of love, pink is a promise of love, red is believed to be true love, and white represents fidelity and the pledge of undying love. Whether a walk in the park, candlelit dinner, or a gift of fine jewelry, thoughtful offerings from the heart are always appreciated on the day devoted to celebrating love.

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February Birthstone Amethyst. Few gemstones are as famous or as distinctive as the purple-lavender amethyst, the most popular form of precious quartz. Sincerity and sober thought are the traditional virtues given to those of February birth. Amethyst is said to promote calm, balance, peace, and to eliminate impatience.