Create a Wardrobe of Gold Jewelry from Houston Jewelry

Create a Wardrobe of Gold Jewelry

It takes some time and thought to assemble a jewelry wardrobe that is just right for your sense of style. Whether you prefer a classic look, bold statement, or delicate and dainty design, gold jewelry always works.

Earrings. The size and shape of an earring depends on your personal style and accompanying outfit. Start with a simple, plain gold earring for daily wear and casual outings and then add more extravagant, fun pieces for a night out or to spice up an understated ensemble.

Rings. Class rings and birthstone rings are probably the first rings worn by a woman before leading to an engagement ring or wedding band. But it’s always nice to have a selection of go-to fashion rings to wear without a commitment. Diamond, gemstone or stackable, thin bands, and subtle midi rings are today’s fashion favorites.

Necklaces & Bracelets. Karat gold necklaces and bangles are classic first choices. Both can stand alone or be combined with other styles, widths, and with or without diamonds or gemstones to allow interchangeable and personal touches.

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Did You Know?

While white gold and platinum appear similar, they are very different metals. Karat gold is always yellow. Only when it is mixed with other white metals and then coated with rhodium (a platinum group metal) it appears white. Platinum is a naturally white metal that will never fade or change color over time.

November Birthstones

The November born are blessed with two birthstones, Topaz and Citrine. Topaz can range in color from colorless, blue, champagne, yellow, orange, red and pink. It is said to provide emotional balance and a harmonious lifestyle.

Citrine ranges in color from a soft yellow to fiery orange. Part of the quartz family, citrine is a very durable gemstone, perfect for use in jewelry. Citrine is thought to attract wealth, prosperity and success.