Not Only For St. Patrick’s Day

Celtic Inspired Classic Irish jewelry designs such as the Claddagh, the shamrock, and the Celtic Knot, are growing more and more popular every year with people of all backgrounds.Celtic Wedding Band

Claddagh ring

Claddagh Jewelry was named for the ancient village of Claddagh, just outside Galway City. In the early 16th century, a young goldsmith named Richard Joyce designed and made the first Claddagh ring, combining a heart for love, a crown for loyalty, and two hands for friendship. Now known throughout the world as a symbol of love, Claddagh jewelry is available in 14K gold rings, pendants, earrings, charms, pins, and bangle bracelets.

Celtic Knot wedding bands come in many beautiful styles and feature an openwork eternity figure with no beginning and no end, which makes it an ideal concept for wedding rings. Today’s Celtic Knots are popular in earrings and pendants as well.Black Titanium & SS Edward Mirell Celtic ring

Did You Know?

The notion that earrings should come in a matching set is old school. Mismatched earrings are sparking a trend. The look stems from the broader fashion world of mismatched prints and colors. You can create this asymmetrical look by using different sizes, shapes, non-matching colored gemstones or create your own pairing by mixing up single earrings.

March Birthstones

Aquamarine in Latin means water of the sea. It was once referred to as “the sailor’s stone” and thought to provide safe voyages if tossed in the ocean as a gift to Poseidon.

Bloodstone is usually dark green in color with red spots due to the iron oxide deposition. The stone is thought to have intense healing powers, primarily for blood disorders, but it was also used for making seals and amulets.

February 2018 E-Newsletter, Meaningful And Memorable

Meaningful & Memorable

February 2018 E-Newsletter

Meaningful And Memorable

Express yourself! Falling in the middle of a chilly month, February 14th is a day dedicated to warming hearts around the country. Also known as Valentine’s Day, this is the day each year family, friends, sweethearts, lovers, co-workers, neighbors and casual acquaintances will utter warm-hearted sentiments, acknowledge tender feelings, convey devotion and outwardly bring a smile to someone’s face.

Like millions of people, you can send a special email, thoughtful card, share a meal or indulge in a box of chocolates, but for those desiring a more personal gift, consider a dainty friendship or charm bracelet, thoughtfully customized for the recipient. Even today’s men would enjoy a gift of cuff links, masculine style rings or a timeless watch.

If you want to express a deeper sentiment, the popular heart shape has spoken the language of love for centuries. Today you can choose from dozens of beautiful heart designs…traditional or non-traditional, colorful or classic, sentimental or fun.

And of course, the ULTIMATE symbol of love is diamonds. Given from the heart and worn with love in all shapes, sizes and colors, these precious gems continue to thrive year after year, just as your love for each other.

However you decide to convey your sentiments, giving a thoughtful gift of Valentine’s Day jewelry is a lasting way to celebrate your feelings. You can never go wrong with a gift of jewelry.

Did You Know?

In the 19th century a ring made of colorful gemstones, known as the “Dearest” ring, was given as a display of love or sentiment. The first letter of each gemstone spelled out the word ‘Dearest’: Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz. Today, you could be imaginative and create a ring representing the name of your loved one, for example, Emma: Emerald, Morganite, Moonstone, Amethyst.

February Birthstone


Considered the finest variety of quartz, amethyst has been cherished by royalty throughout history because of its rich purple color. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed amethyst could prevent the wearer from becoming intoxicated, make evil thoughts disap

January 2018 Newsletter

What Goes Around Comes Around

               What Goes Around Comes Around

The circle has long been a symbol for eternity, especially in the form of wedding and engagement rings where they represent eternal love. This season, circles are leading the trend in jewelry fashion.

Both large and small, single and multiple spheres, created in yellow, white or rose karat gold are available. Also designs made from alternative and mixed metals, and polished or hammered finishes are popular with or without  sparkling diamonds and gleaming gemstones.

Hoop earrings are always an unbeatable combination of classic and trendy. Among the leaders are two-inch, inside-outside diamond hoops with sparkling white diamonds on both inner and outer surfaces. Other fashion forward designs include the ever popular, oversized polished or braided style hoops.

A wide variety of circular pendants are also available in stylish designs using colored gems centered inside the circle or a series of smaller circles within a large circle. Popular are the two intertwined circles, which offer a reminder of an unbreakable connection between loved ones.

This season, there are many imaginative designs to choose from.

Did You Know?

The wearing of classic black and white gemstones is a New Year’s tradition. When paired together they display an element of glamour and formal elegance, adding beauty and sophistication to any outfit. Traditional colors for New Year’s Eve celebrations, black symbolized the end of the old year and white represents the birth of the New Year.

January Birthstone:


Traditionally regarded as the gem offering constancy, compassion, and faith. Wearing garnets was believed to purify the body’s energy by getting rid of toxins and restoring the body to its revitalized and re-energized state. The diversity of color and appearance places garnets among gemology’s most alluring subjects.

Jewelry Hints for Santa from Houston Jewelry

December 2017 E-Newsletter

Santa Houston Jewelry
The Best Santa’s Shop @ Houston Jewelry

Diamonds, A Holiday Delight

Glittering diamonds set in elegant, modern or classic designs of platinum, karat gold or sterling silver create a gift of stunning beauty.

Diamond Fashion. A jewelry staple that is classic, trendy and always appreciated. Diamonds are the most precious and valuable of all gems and have been treasured by both men and women for centuries, not only for beauty, but for their versatility.

Three-stone. A timeless gift showing tribute to the past, present and future…three of every family’s most significant stages in life.

Journey. From the smallest of beginnings to the momentous day, journey diamonds display the growth of your relationship.

The Solitaire. Available in an array of shapes, sizes, colors and prices to meet any budget, the solitaire is traditionally given as a symbolic promise of marriage.

Twin Side by Side. The perfect design to display the love you share with not only your best friend but your one true love.

Diamonds in Motion. Movable settings allow faceted diamonds to dance and flash with fire to produce a brilliant, glittering sparkle with every move the wearer makes.

A style for every relationship, you won’t go wrong with a gift of fine diamonds.

Did You Know?

DC Comics’ new Wonder Woman movie has reignited a fancy for big and bold jewelry designs. While Diana’s tiara might be a bit too much for daily wear, everyday superheroes like moms are unleashing their inner being and channeling their Amazonian power by accessorizing with this year’s selection of bold cuffs, lasso like necklaces and star bright diamond studs.

December Birthstones

Turquoise, Blue Zircon & Tanzanite

For the December born, prosperity is the welcome gift offered by these three very different, unique blue gems. Opaque, sky-blue turquoise and transparent, deep-blue zircon have long been treasured since ancient times. Having only been discovered in the 1960’s, purple-blue tanzanite quickly became one of the world’s most popular gems.

Create a Wardrobe of Gold Jewelry from Houston Jewelry

Create a Wardrobe of Gold Jewelry

It takes some time and thought to assemble a jewelry wardrobe that is just right for your sense of style. Whether you prefer a classic look, bold statement, or delicate and dainty design, gold jewelry always works.

Earrings. The size and shape of an earring depends on your personal style and accompanying outfit. Start with a simple, plain gold earring for daily wear and casual outings and then add more extravagant, fun pieces for a night out or to spice up an understated ensemble.

Rings. Class rings and birthstone rings are probably the first rings worn by a woman before leading to an engagement ring or wedding band. But it’s always nice to have a selection of go-to fashion rings to wear without a commitment. Diamond, gemstone or stackable, thin bands, and subtle midi rings are today’s fashion favorites.

Necklaces & Bracelets. Karat gold necklaces and bangles are classic first choices. Both can stand alone or be combined with other styles, widths, and with or without diamonds or gemstones to allow interchangeable and personal touches.

Visit us today, we would love to help you create a stunning wardrobe fit for any day, evening, event or special occasion.


Did You Know?

While white gold and platinum appear similar, they are very different metals. Karat gold is always yellow. Only when it is mixed with other white metals and then coated with rhodium (a platinum group metal) it appears white. Platinum is a naturally white metal that will never fade or change color over time.

November Birthstones

The November born are blessed with two birthstones, Topaz and Citrine. Topaz can range in color from colorless, blue, champagne, yellow, orange, red and pink. It is said to provide emotional balance and a harmonious lifestyle.

Citrine ranges in color from a soft yellow to fiery orange. Part of the quartz family, citrine is a very durable gemstone, perfect for use in jewelry. Citrine is thought to attract wealth, prosperity and success.

Lacey, Light & Lovely

Filigree’s airy, elegant, web-like designs mirror the prominent lacey, mesh, and cutout fashions seen in abundance on the hottest runways and red carpets today. These designs are the perfect blend of wov

14k Rhodium‐plated filigree lever‐back earrings

en, shiny threads of karat gold, sterling silver or platinum, lending a feel of fine fabric against the skin.

Rose Gold filigree pendant Amethyst
14k Rose Gold filigree pendant with 9.49 ct Amethyst set in SS and 0.83 ct tw diamonds by Majestic Art

Complex in design, filigree’s beauty is a blend of ancient and modern art. The delicacy of this art makes it an alluring form of jewelry. It is the use of fine metal threads which are crafted and interwoven that provide filigree jewelry designs an exquisite and distinct lace-like look. Add an unexpected flash of color, and these delicate, fanciful, ornamental designs will take on the appearance of a classic heirloom piece.


14k polished fancy filigree bangle by Quality Gold
Byzantine Ring
18k and oxidized SS oval byzantine ring by Royal Chain

Did You Know?

Debra Messing 1988
          Debra Messing

The loveable actress, Debra Messing, who recently reprised her role as Grace Adler in the popular sitcom, Will & Grace, has been recognized by the jewelry industry for her personal style, which has inspired consumer desire for fine jewelry. Messing’s passion for exquisite jewelry accessories in bold designs, statement pieces and her love for color, has been known to inspire women to explore how fine jewelry can make them feel beautiful, strong and confident.

October Birthstones

Opal and Tourmaline.

These two brightly colored gemstones are believed to bring hope and balance to the lives of the October born. Luminous opal is known for its ever-changing rainbow of fiery iridescent colors. Sparkling tourmaline has been popular throughout history because of its astonishing variety of colors.

Sunny Seamless Transitions

14k YG triangle post earrings with 0.18ct tw  diamonds
14k YG geometric prism ring with 0.32ct tw diamonds
14k gold and resin electroform interlocked bangles
Piyaro Italian silver bangle with 14k RG
plating and hinge opening.
SS mini smile bar necklace
SS tassel pendant with 18” chain and 14 x 10mm lapis triplet

Seamless Transitions

When transitioning from sandals to boots, be sure to update your jewelry as well.

As long summer days heat up, jewelry fashion will float from the beach to the ballet. Going minimal on clothing and maximizing jewelry by mixing bold and dainty designs will create an effortless flair to accompany the ambiance of late summer. As the season regresses from high heat to cool breeze, mingle summer silvers with warm yellow or peach gold and pair with colored gems reminiscent of radiant sunsets.

When layering for climate change, your jewelry can also use a cover-up. Starting with your lobes, add larger, expressive earrings. Accent your minimalist bar pendant by adding a long necklace to sway beneath. Choose one statement piece, a watch or oversized cuff, and add several slim bangles to bracelets to accent your wrists. Finally, this season it’s all about the fingers. You won’t go wrong with one big, bold ring and/or several dainty stackables to round out your look.

Easing out of your summer jewelry can be as calm and enjoyable as an autumn breeze. Visit us today, we will be happy to help you seamlessly transition into the upcoming season.

 Did You Know?

Buried deep within layers of shale in Alberta, Canada is a gemstone called Ammolite. Its vibrant shades of red, orange, blue and green offer a unique complementary contrast.

The gem comes from an ancient marine mollusk called an ammonite, found in Canada 65 million years ago. While ammolite fossils have been found elsewhere, the ammolite gem has only been found in Alberta.

August Birthstones

Peridot and Sardonyx.

Courage and happiness are the attributes thought to be bestowed upon those of August birth by these gemstones. Beautiful, transparent, olive-green peridot has been a popular gem of women for over 3,000 years, while the opaque, reddish-brown sardonyx has long been a favorite for men’s signet rings.

Back to Nature

Back to Nature

In this glorious season, Mother Nature is in full bloom, showing off her full array of delightful beauty. It isn’t just outside it’s blooming. Jewelry designers all over are taking inspiration from Mother Nature. Many designers are making beautiful nature inspired jewelry. There’s an endless choice of attractive designs to complete your look. Natural forms, in varying colors of yellow, white and rose gold, combined with sterling silver and precious gems, provide for stunning, graceful and tapered silhouettes.

The combination of openwork designs with a flora and fauna, birds, bees and bugs theme allows you to create a distinctive look all your own. While getting in touch with your free spirit and identifying with nature, or taking a walk on the wild side from time to time, these fun reminders of nature’s bounty will add flair to any outfit.

Did You Know?

If packing your fine jewelry for a vacation, keep designs separated in a soft cloth pouch or a lined box to prevent scratching. Tip: Thread your bracelets and necklaces through a straw to prevent tangling.
Abrasive sand, sunscreen, hot tub and pool chlorine are jewelry hazards. Sunscreens can coat and bleach gemstones and chlorine will damage karat gold, weakening settings. Before swimming, take off your rings- hands can become cold in water causing fingers to shrink and rings to fall off. Lotions and perfumes can also coat your stones and give them a cloudy appearance, dulling the natural beauty and fire of the stone. Try to remove all your jewelry before applying lotion.

July Birth Stone: Ruby

Ruby has been the world’s most valued colored gemstone for thousands of years. Rubies are and extremely popular gift for Valentines Day due to it’s rich red hue. A precious form of the mineral corundum, its name is from the Latin word “ruber” meaning “red color.” Legend and myth state rubies have a history of bestowing good health, a fine life, wealth, and wisdom. Always make sure when you purchase a  ruby that it has not been treated. Many rubies are being treated to alter the color to make them have a much deeper red color. While a treated ruby may be gorgeous, they are altered and initially less expensive. So make sure you are not paying natural prices for a treated stone.


Diamond Ring Style Guide

Diamond Ring Style GUide

Diamond Ring Style Guide created by Casting House.
Diamond rings come in so many shapes, sizes and style it can be truly overwhelming. Especially when designing something like an engagement ring. In the beginning most engagement rings were a solitaire diamond set on a simple band style setting now referred to as the “Solitaire” setting. While still a classic design than many still choose today, jewelry designers were not content to stop there. First they started adding diamonds on the band to accent the solitaire in the center. After that they began to get truly creative as now you see style like tension set, halo, and vintage art deco style designs to name a few. While there are some simple cathedral designs that will get confused with a simple solitaire setting, there are many more with accent stones that will make your jaw drop. Split settings are another style that can go from a simple solitaire look to an extravagant designer look. What is truly amazing is the fact that almost every style, minus the halo as it’s design is based around the accent stone, can be made to look from the solitaire look to and accented designer look.

Bar Set:

Bar set are typically used for anniversary and wedding bands. Each stone has a small gold (or whatever metal it is) bar in between each stone. This design is also heavily used on tennis or line bracelets

Bead Setting:

Bead settings are similar to pave settings. The ring is lined with small  diamonds each with multiple beads around them to secure the diamond.

Bezel Setting:

A Bezel setting has a small lip of gold that encircles the diamond 360° creating a metal rim. These are probably the most secure setting but you do lose a little of your diamonds size as it is hidden under the bezel.

Cathedral Setting:

Cathedral settings are a raised setting with diamond sitting higher than the band it is sitting on making the center stone the most prominent part of the ring.

Channel Setting:

Channel setting uses a small rim of gold around the top and bottom of the diamonds and placing the diamond flush against each other tightly to use the rim and the tension to secure the diamonds.

Cluster Setting:

Cluster settings use multiple smaller diamonds mounted snuggley together for the appearance of a single large diamond. Most cluster setting rings look like a flower pattern.

Fishtail Setting:

A fishtail setting offers a vintage look with small diamonds lining the band with V cutouts to make the diamonds appear larger.

Flush Setting:

While made almost exactly like a channel set, flush setting raise the diamonds so they are flush with the band they are set in.

Halo Setting:

Currently the most in demand settings for enagament rings, the halo setting has smaller accent diamonds than encircle the center diamond. Most halo setting also have small accent diamonds that run down the sides of the band.

Knife Edge Setting:

Knife edge settings incorporate a band that tapers down to a sharp edge (not sharp enough to cut you) to give the setting a sleek look that is perfect to pair with other designs.

Pave Setting:

A pave setting features a lot of small diamond embedded into the band at different angles to spread out the sparkle effect of the diamond. The one down side to pave setting is resizing them can be difficult.

Side Stone Setting:

Side stone setting use a large center stone with slightly smaller stones set to each side. An example of a side stone setting would be the classic 3 stone ring.

Solitaire Setting:

The solitaire setting is just that. A simple band with a single larger diamond in the center. This is the most classic style for engagement rings and is still a widely used style to this day.

Split Setting:

Split setting is when the band splits near the center diamond forming a V and can compliment several stone shapes and sizes. The split portion is versatile and can twist or be adorned with small diamond or colored stones.

Tension Setting:

Tension setting is a modern look doing away with the prongs so almost the entire diamond is visible. Tension and minuscule grooves hold the diamond in place.

Twist Setting:

Two twisting strands form the band. Twists can be tight or wide. This style is becoming increasing more popular.

Vintage Setting:

VIntage setting feature intricate detail work. Many Vintage settings have an art deco look. These are an extremely popular design.