Almor Fancy Colored Diamond Trunk Show


Almor Designs has a history reaching back more than 35 years. Two brothers set out on a mission to build a business from scratch that would take them beyond their wildest dreams. Today, the family business stretches across three continents.  Today the Heskia company is respected for its innovation and introspection throughout the jewelry market.


For many years the company primarily dealt with precious stones and gems but recently expanded into the exciting world of colored diamonds. Complete with GIA-certified reports, these fancy pink, orange and yellow pieces will dazzle anyone who lays eyes upon them.

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Natural color diamonds are, according to G.I.A., “the most rare and costly of all gemstones.”  If that’s not enough, Almor Designs has a huge , ever growing inventory of mountings in white and 2 tone gold in various styles, shapes and sizes. The settings are all specially designed to enhance the color of each type of colored diamonds. The best part of Almor is it is a family run business that focuses on giving each customer a personal experience and making sure you get the perfect setting to match your breathtaking colored diamonds. Colored diamonds are becoming more and more popular with many celebrities donning large colored diamond engagement rings.

Natural colored diamonds range from fancy yellows and browns to vibrant blue, green and pink.  In all cases very slight color differences can have a huge impact on the value of the diamond. Grading fancy color diamonds is extremely complex. You should only buy fancy colored diamonds that have been graded by a highly trained gem laboratory. For more information on colored diamonds read this article on the GIA website.

Houston Jewelry cordially invites you to see this AMAZING spectacular array of Fancy Colored Diamonds and fine jewelry. The Almor Trunk Show will be this Thursday, December 3, 2015 at Houston Jewelry! The Almor collection is a dazzling trunk show featuring a huge selection of colored diamond jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets, and more.  From fancy canary diamonds to precious pink diamonds this is the trunk show every jewelry lover will want to see!

What: Almor Trunk Show Featuring Fancy Colored Diamond Jewelry

Where: Houston Jewelry

When: Thursday, December 3, 2015

For more information call 713-784-1000

While this event has ended Houston Jewelry stocks a nice selection of natural colored diamonds. Stop in today to view our selection of Fancy Yellow, Natural Blue and Pink Diamonds. Let our diamond experts help you to find that perfect natural colored diamond today!