March Jewelry Insights

Did You Know?

At the Oscars & the

Golden Globes, no one shied away from pairing big, bold and colorful jewelry with their reflective gowns. In fact, designs were reminiscent of the 70’s style jewelry worn by the recently deceased, iconic actress, Mary Tyler Moore. Throughout her extraordinary life, she was seen draped in multi-strand necklaces, chokers, chunky gold cuffs, cascading earrings, and pearls galore.

March Birthstones

Aquamarine. The name derived from Latin means “seawater.” A member of the beryl gem family, transparent, beautiful, blue aquamarine offers a tribute to the sea, capturing both its essence and spirit.

Bloodstone. It’s actually not red at all, it is an opaque, deep, rich green with vivid bright red flecks and has been a favorite of men for centuries.

Bolo/Friendship Bracelets

Popular in the 1970’s, friendship bracelets were originally made by knotting and twisting various threads, yarns, rubber cords and leather materials. Many were embellished with beads and most were made in special colors designated to display an individual’s character traits.

Friendship bracelets were not only personal and interesting, they also carried a special meaning for the person who made it and the friend who wore it.

Typically given as a sign of friendship, these handmade, twisted bracelets were intended to be tied on the wrist of a friend and won continuously as a symbol of lasting friendship.

Yesteryear’s friendship bracelets are today known as Bolo bracelets and are made from leather, sterling silver and many colors of karat gold. Today’s bracelets have an adjustable twist and knot, making for a customized, perfect fit. While they can offer the same meaning, and are a perfect gift for a friend or love interest, this trend-setting style has become a popular self-purchase for the fashion forward.

While these slim, delicate designs look amazing on their own, today these fashion forward wrist decorations are frequently studded with diamonds, personalized charms and layered to reflect one’s individual style.