September 2020 News & Views

Seasonal Trends

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The Fine Art of Ring Stacking

Today’s popular fashion trend is the wearing of numerous rings at once. Whether all on one finger, one hand, or on multiple fingers and both hands, there are no rules to ring stacking. Simply start with a focal piece and move outward. 

What is it you want to highlight? Possibly your favorite all-time go-to ring, a wedding, engagement, class, or birthstone ring. They’re your fingers; only you can decorate them to suit your personality and style. 

A modest approach. Start with your ring finger and add a second to your middle-finger. If you’re comfortable with the look, duplicate it on your other hand. Try mixing and matching a statement piece with a delicate design. If you’re using rings of the same size, highlight the middle finger by building a stack of two or three designs. 

Feel bold? Use the triangle method to balance your look. Since it is usually the longest, use your middle finger as the focal point, add a delicate ring to the top joint. Place another to the bottom joint of your ring finger and a third to the bottom joint of your index finger. For the more, the merrier look, add an inverted triangle to your other hand. 

Feel free to express yourself by experimenting with new shapes, widths, colored metals, and textures, plain or embellished with gemstones or diamonds. 

Did You Know?

Rings can harbor bacteria, although if washing your hands thoroughly and frequently with warm water and a non-abrasive soap, it shouldn’t be a problem. The CDC recommends using a hand sanitizer with a 60% alcohol-base, which is not harmful to jewelry. However, stay away from non-alcohol sanitizers as they typically use chlorine-based compounds which can be harmful and NEVER use ANY hand sanitizer on pearl jewelry! Confused? Be safe and bring your rings to us for a thorough cleaning. 

September Birthstone


Second only to diamonds in hardness, sapphires are ideal for daily use and make beautiful additions to engagement rings. Sapphires are thought to ward off disease, bring peace and happiness, and have long been given as a token of love and loyalty.