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Marvelous Morganite

It is the blend of pink and orange, typical in natural morganite, that makes it truly a peach of a gem. While this transparent, feminine, pastel colored gem is relatively a newcomer to gemstone jewelry, it is making a powerful statement in the world of jewelry fashion. 

Despite its delicate appearance, morganite is a durable gemstone, making it perfect for everyday wear and a great alternative to diamond when it comes to engagement rings. Morganite, while more affordable than diamond, has a high degree of brilliance like diamond, so no need to worry about sacrificing on sparkle.

This perfect pink gem is stunning when set in white or pink gold, making a dazzling addition to any jewelry wardrobe. Like emerald and aquamarine, morganite is part of the beryl mineral family. However, unlike emeralds, which tend to have a lot of inclusions, morganite gemstones are relatively free of inclusions, making them more eye-appealing and easier to care for. As an everyday gemstone, you will need to treat it with care. Heat exposure is not recommended and as with any fine gemstone, do not wear while using any type of household cleaner. 

Fun fact about morganite:

When a large quantity was discovered in the early 1900s by Tiffany’s chief gemologist, George Kunz (who also happened to be the personal gemologist of millionaire, bank tycoon, and avid gem collector, J.P. Morgan) Kunz named the gemstone in his honor. 


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