Santa’s Diamond Notebook

Dazzling Diamond Choices

When purchasing a diamond for a loved one or for yourself, the enormous amount of information to sort through can be quite overwhelming. Keep calm, we’re here to help you make a confident and educated decision. 

First, for whom are you buying this spectacular piece of diamond jewelry? Will this purchase involve a life changing event, represent a heartfelt gesture of love or gratitude? Or, is it an exciting, impromptu, self-purchase?

The diamond’s shape is an essential factor and you will want to consider what might be preferred by the person for whom you are buying it. Will it match their sense of style and will they be comfortable wearing it?

Today, there are a wide variety of diamond shapes to select from, most popular being the round, emerald, pear, oval, princess, cushion and marquise. It is the cut that describes the proportions and angles of a diamond. Many people confuse cut with the shape of a diamond. A well-cut diamond is one that will reflect light from one mirror cut facet to another and projects the light through the top of the stone. 

Color is yet another player. No longer is diamond jewelry limited to classic pure white, colorless gems. Thanks to advanced technology, fancy colored diamonds are among today’s gemstone best sellers. 

Carat is a diamond’s measure of weight, not size. One full carat is equal to 100 points, a ¾ carat diamond is the same as 75 points, etc. the cut and the mounting can make a diamond appear larger than its actual weight. 

Did You Know?

Men are no longer taking a back seat when it comes to wearing jewelry. While watches are probably the most useful piece, today’s gender-neutral accessories are all pieces men can use to complement an outfit. Whatever the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a metal or leather bracelet, diamond stud earring or a basic gold, stainless or sterling chain to add an edge to a simple outfit. Signet rings, cuff links and tie tacks are always a safe bet for a classic, sophisticated look.

December Birthstones

Turquoise and Zircon are both prized since Biblical times for their beauty and promise of prosperity. Tanzanite, a glittering purple-blue gem named in honor of Tanzania, where it was discovered in 1967, is today one of the world’s most popular gems.