Back to Nature

Back to Nature

In this glorious season, Mother Nature is in full bloom, showing off her full array of delightful beauty. It isn’t just outside it’s blooming. Jewelry designers all over are taking inspiration from Mother Nature. Many designers are making beautiful nature inspired jewelry. There’s an endless choice of attractive designs to complete your look. Natural forms, in varying colors of yellow, white and rose gold, combined with sterling silver and precious gems, provide for stunning, graceful and tapered silhouettes.

The combination of openwork designs with a flora and fauna, birds, bees and bugs theme allows you to create a distinctive look all your own. While getting in touch with your free spirit and identifying with nature, or taking a walk on the wild side from time to time, these fun reminders of nature’s bounty will add flair to any outfit.

Did You Know?

If packing your fine jewelry for a vacation, keep designs separated in a soft cloth pouch or a lined box to prevent scratching. Tip: Thread your bracelets and necklaces through a straw to prevent tangling.
Abrasive sand, sunscreen, hot tub and pool chlorine are jewelry hazards. Sunscreens can coat and bleach gemstones and chlorine will damage karat gold, weakening settings. Before swimming, take off your rings- hands can become cold in water causing fingers to shrink and rings to fall off. Lotions and perfumes can also coat your stones and give them a cloudy appearance, dulling the natural beauty and fire of the stone. Try to remove all your jewelry before applying lotion.

July Birth Stone: Ruby

Ruby has been the world’s most valued colored gemstone for thousands of years. Rubies are and extremely popular gift for Valentines Day due to it’s rich red hue. A precious form of the mineral corundum, its name is from the Latin word “ruber” meaning “red color.” Legend and myth state rubies have a history of bestowing good health, a fine life, wealth, and wisdom. Always make sure when you purchase a  ruby that it has not been treated. Many rubies are being treated to alter the color to make them have a much deeper red color. While a treated ruby may be gorgeous, they are altered and initially less expensive. So make sure you are not paying natural prices for a treated stone.