January 2017 Jewelry Tips

Charles Garnier Soft BangleIt’s Time For An Arm Party!

When it comes to effortless ways to perk up an outfit, jewelry always tops the list. With an array of bracelets from inspirational stretch or wrap, thin pull ties, karat gold bangles, and jewel encrusted cuffs, there is never an excuse to leave the house with a naked wrist. Come see our amazing collection of Charles Garnier Paris soft bangle bracelets!
Bracelets and bangles of all sizes, shapes, colors and metals can be worn with jeans or a classic, little black dress. Mix, match, and stack for a unique, multi-dimensional look that suites your style.
Choose a theme or a color scheme: Select various sizes and shapes, wide, thin or negative space. Mixing colored gold and sterling silver creates a lively and festive atmosphere. If you’re not confident mixing metals, go for a combination of colored gemstones.
Having a Mixer? Mix function with fashion and invite the neighborhood watch, this useful attendee’s crystal face will make a stunning centerpiece.

An Intimate or Large Gathering? Try to keep to the general size of your party arm. Be sure to break up everyday partners and add a few singles to kick up the volume, especially when creating larger gatherings.

Did You Know?

The Pantone Fashion Color Report is one of two semi-annual reports published as a comprehensive overview for the fashion industry’s upcoming season. The top 10 colors for 2017 are all reminiscent of the hues that surround us in nature. Just recently, Pantone selected one of the 10, Greenery, as THE color of 2017. A vibrant, yellow-green which supposedly speaks to our inner desire to explore, experiment and reinvent.
When selecting your spring jewelry wardrobe, take a deep breath, think of flourishing foliage, awakening and recharging your senses.

January Birthstone Garnet.

Traditionally regarded as the gem offering constancy, faith, and truth for those of January birth, the diversity of color and appearance places garnets among gemology’s most alluring subjects.