Le Vian Jewelry Trunk Show

Join us this Thursday, December 17th for our Le Vian Fine Jewelry Trunk Show! This show will feature the LARGEST collection of Chocolate Diamonds in store! We will also be featuring other designs of Le Vian jewelry as well.



Natural fancy color brown diamonds are available from light to dark brown, in many hues and clarities. Chocolate Diamonds® are Le Vian®’s original brand of natural fancy color diamonds that are selected for their rich chocolatey flavor, and sold exclusively by Le Vian®.

  • In the year 2000, Le Vian® initiated a campaign to brand Chocolate Diamonds® in order to distinguish them as high quality and separate them from the lower clarity, poor color diamonds. Le Vian® is the originator of Chocolate Diamonds® and holds the registered trademark in countries all over the world.
  • To be branded as Chocolate Diamonds®, these rare and natural beauties need to rate between C4-C7 on the color chart, have a clarity of SI1 or better, have a specific hue, be within the top 5% of the production, and sourced by Le Vian®. Chocolate Diamonds® of 20 points or larger are 10,000 times rarer than white diamonds.
  • Chocolate Diamonds® of ½ carat or larger are laser inscribed with the Chocolate Diamonds® brand on the girdle.
  • The color of Chocolate Diamonds® is determined by the tremendous pressure they receive deep within the earth.
  • Chocolate Diamonds® have been the most affordable natural fancy colored diamonds, their earth- toned color is wearable every day. However, the larger gems have been fetching record prices by collectors.
  • Le Vian® revolutionized fine jewelry by combining the flavors of diamonds, gems and gold in new ways, using its proprietary black rhodium within unique original designs.
  • Chocolate Diamonds® are mainly found in one mine in the world, the Argyle mine in Australia.




What: Le Vian Trunk Show

Where: Houston Jewelry

When: Thursday, December 17, 2015

For more information call 713-784-1000

While this event has ended we still have an amazing selection of Le Vian jewelry in stock. Stop in today to view our collection of Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds.  We also have several other Le Vian designs in stock beside just the chocolate diamonds. So whether you are looking for a Le Vian chocolate diamond ring or a gorgeous emerald design we have the style for you. Our skilled sales staff will be more than happy to show you our amazing line of Le Vian jewelry. Le Vian has some truly unique designs and every lady should have a piece or two in her jewelry box. The best part of the Le Vian designs are they can be worn with anything.From a classy evening gown to blue jeans you will always be dressed to kill with a piece of Le Vian jewelry.

What you need to know before investing in Precious Metals

The change in the price of gold and silver reflects popular feeling as the to stability of the world economic system, and at this point the soundness of the United States Dollar.  Since the end of WW II the US Dollar has been the bedrock of the world economic system [prior to the war, it was the British Pound for 100+ years]  The crash of 2008 greatly undermined world wide faith in the entire system, and the dollar in particular.   Which lead a run up in the prices of precious metals.   The silver market is especially volatile, since it is not as transparent as the gold markets, and groups of individuals can cause a price run up.  There have been a number of instances where this has occurred.  When the price of silver started getting really unnaturally high, [in the $50 ozt range] the exchanges decided to up the deposit requirement to purchase option contracts by about four times the previous amount.  This immediately drove thousands of day trading speculators out of the market, and the price plummeted. Silver is not a great arena in which to invest because of these reasons unless you really know what you are doing.

The price of gold is still high according to historical levels, but I think it also reflects the market’s consideration that the number of dollars in circulation is vastly larger than it was just seven years ago, and therefore the price of gold reflects that increase. The dollar is still the foundation of the world economic system, and has gotten stronger relative to other currencies in the last few years.  This does not mean that the US economy is doing well, it just means that the rest of the world trusts the US Government to pay its bills more than other nations, therefore the dollar is primary.  Once you see another major nation’s economy start to be very vibrant, and its currency starts increasing in value and the dollar falling, then the price of gold will go up since the world market is priced in US Dollars.

 You can buy gold and silver in numerous manners.  You can buy it through electronic trading like a stock, or you can buy it from smaller companies who will store it for you for a fee, or you can buy it from a coin shop are metals dealer.  Depending on what you want it for will determine the best place to buy.   If you are of the belief that the world order could rapidly fall apart and you want to be sure to have something physical of value that you can use to acquire goods and services, then an electronic form of gold makes no sense.  Similarly it would do you no good to have it stored away from you.  However there are great risks in owning physical gold and storing it safely.  It is not traceable so if you have it about your home and some one finds it and takes it, its gone.  So those are some of the considerations one should take into account when deciding if  buying precious metals is right for you.

Note:  If you want to trade in precious metals, like you would a stock, then electronic ownership is the best way to go.

 You can invest in any type of commodity there is, and all precious metals are commodities. Silver has the lowest cost so it is the easiest to buy.  Right now platinum is lower than gold which is an historical inversion that has only happened  a few times in history.  That means that one of the two is vastly over valued or the other is undervalued.   Platinum is a critical metal for catalytic converters for internal combustion engines.  So one might infer that since world wide demand for new vehicles is down that if the world’s economy starts really going then the need for platinum will increase.

If you would like to learn more about precious metals and investing and historical charts, you should really study the site www.kitco.com, it is one the primary resources for the trade.

Magnificent Opulent Opals

Opals or Opallios meaning  “to see a change of color” have always had a magnificence to them. Varying shades of the rainbow create a glimmering opulence to the stone. Opals have had various meaning to people throughout history. Queen Victoria was known to gift Opals to all of her daughters on their wedding days. In Eastern cultures, Opals were a symbol of hope. Bedouin legend claims that thunderstorms produced Opals which fell from the sky during stormy weather.  Aboriginal tales suggest that in the beginning of time the being that created the world came down to spread messages of peace and that for every footstep he took on earth an Opal was formed.


The Opal is Octobers birthstone. Since the mining days of the 1890’s Australia has become the world’s primary source for this birthstone. Opal is the stone given for the fourteenth Anniversary of marriage. Opals where considered a symbol of hope and luck throughout the world and, it was not until the 1829 novel by Sir Walter Scott, “Anne of Geierstein” that Opals took on the connotation of being bad luck or unlucky. Opals silica spheres form a variety or colors and patterns in the stone thus making no two Opals alike.

Although we are used to seeing Opals in a translucent or kaleidoscope of colors, they actually come in an array of shades.

Black Opals: Black Opals are the MOST sought after and most valuable Opal. These dark toned stones show off the splendor of colors in the Opal and range from jet grey to dark black. The term black Opal does not literally mean the stone is completely black. If it was totally black it would be rendered worthless.

White Opals: White Opals have a “milky” or white body of color. They don’t show off the color variance of the Opal as well as the black Opal does, however they can still be gorgeous and considered good quality!

Boulder Opals:  Boulder Opals are shaped between the ironstone boulders in Western Queensland. Boulder Opals can be found in both dark and light shades. They often vary in both shape and size.


Fire Opals: Fire Opals have a distinctly radiant orange coloring to them. The are found mainly in Mexico, and have rightfully been dubbed “Mexican Fire Opals”. These precious stones were treasured by the Mayans and Aztecs.

Crystal Opals: Crystal Opals can range from light to dark and are transparent with sharp coloring.

Houston Jewelry and Fine Gifts can find the perfect Opal or gemstone for you or someone you love. Visit us today and let us assist you in all of your jewelry needs!

Almor Fancy Colored Diamond Trunk Show


Almor Designs has a history reaching back more than 35 years. Two brothers set out on a mission to build a business from scratch that would take them beyond their wildest dreams. Today, the family business stretches across three continents.  Today the Heskia company is respected for its innovation and introspection throughout the jewelry market.


For many years the company primarily dealt with precious stones and gems but recently expanded into the exciting world of colored diamonds. Complete with GIA-certified reports, these fancy pink, orange and yellow pieces will dazzle anyone who lays eyes upon them.

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Natural color diamonds are, according to G.I.A., “the most rare and costly of all gemstones.”  If that’s not enough, Almor Designs has a huge , ever growing inventory of mountings in white and 2 tone gold in various styles, shapes and sizes. The settings are all specially designed to enhance the color of each type of colored diamonds. The best part of Almor is it is a family run business that focuses on giving each customer a personal experience and making sure you get the perfect setting to match your breathtaking colored diamonds. Colored diamonds are becoming more and more popular with many celebrities donning large colored diamond engagement rings.

Natural colored diamonds range from fancy yellows and browns to vibrant blue, green and pink.  In all cases very slight color differences can have a huge impact on the value of the diamond. Grading fancy color diamonds is extremely complex. You should only buy fancy colored diamonds that have been graded by a highly trained gem laboratory. For more information on colored diamonds read this article on the GIA website.

Houston Jewelry cordially invites you to see this AMAZING spectacular array of Fancy Colored Diamonds and fine jewelry. The Almor Trunk Show will be this Thursday, December 3, 2015 at Houston Jewelry! The Almor collection is a dazzling trunk show featuring a huge selection of colored diamond jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets, and more.  From fancy canary diamonds to precious pink diamonds this is the trunk show every jewelry lover will want to see!

What: Almor Trunk Show Featuring Fancy Colored Diamond Jewelry

Where: Houston Jewelry

When: Thursday, December 3, 2015

For more information call 713-784-1000

While this event has ended Houston Jewelry stocks a nice selection of natural colored diamonds. Stop in today to view our selection of Fancy Yellow, Natural Blue and Pink Diamonds. Let our diamond experts help you to find that perfect natural colored diamond today!